Divers Capture The Moment A Huge Shark Gets Eaten By An Even Bigger Great White Shark

Since 1975, there have been few animals that have terrified the world quite like the great white shark. Why is that? Was there a spike of shark attacks that year? No. In fact, it’s the other way around. In 1975, the biggest attack on the shark took place on the big screen when Steven Spielberg released his hit thriller movie, Jaws.

Since then, nothing has been the same for sharks.

Despite only being responsible for the death of one person every two years in the US, sharks are widely considered one of the most dangerous creatures on this planet by many people.

For some reason, the human rationale overlooks the fact that 1.3 million people die in a car-related accident each year. Ironically, we will all happily jump into a car to head to the beach, where we will only dip our toes in the water for fear of a shark.

But whilst a shark attacking a human is a rare occurrence, it is rarer to see a shark attack another shark – unless you are brave enough to travel into shark-infested waters.

Whilst a majority of us don’t have the stomach for it, there are those who will make the intrepid trip into the dark depths of the ocean.

What they find once they get there is pretty terrifying, as this haunting video of two sharks fighting will prove…

Having watched that, it’s easy to see why there was a significant drop in the number of people visiting the beach the year that Jaws was released.

But this isn’t the only time that a shark’s cannibalistic nature has been caught on camera. Earlier this month, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science were left shocked when the small 4ft shark that they’d captured for observation was munched by a 13ft mature male great white shark as it was hauled into their boat.

In a Facebook post by Virginia Marine Institute, they stated:

“VIMS Longline caught another white shark today 3.5 miles off of Sandbridge. Lost at the boat before we were able to get the shark on board. For size reference the small shark was 4 feet. We estimated the mature male great white at 12-13 feet!

Boy did he make a mess of our line!”

The incident occurred just three miles off the coast of Sandbridge, Virginia. The area is a known home for sharks, although only small species. The arrival of the great white shark was as much a shock for researchers as it was for the small shark caught in their net.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that for every one human killed by sharks, there are approximately two million sharks killed by humans. Fact.

Of course, shark attacks are more prominent in certain areas. For example, Hawaii, Florida, Australia and South Africa are all hot spots for the beasts, which can grow up to 6.4m in length.

However, even in those locations, you are unlikely to see two great whites go at one another in the manner exhibited in this rare footage.

But when sharks do attack humans, they do it properly. Watch this video to see just how horrifying it can be…

The last recorded shark attack to occur in the US took place off the coast of Hawaii in April 2015, when 65-year-old Margaret Cruse was bitten in the upper torso whilst snorkeling in a popular surfing spot known as ‘The Dumps’. Her body, which was missing an arm, was later discovered by other snorkelers in the area who no doubt felt extremely lucky to be alive.

Meanwhile, it is thought that the first known shark attack took place in 1642 when Anthony Van Corlaer, a trumpeter of the garrison from modern-day New York City, swam across the Hudson River to sound the call for war after learning that the English were on their way to seize the colony.

But Van Corlaer never made it across from Manhattan to The Bronx…

A witness to the incident claimed that the infamous trumpeter was killed by “the devil” in the shape of a fish came from below to “seize the sturdy Antony by the leg and drag him beneath the waves.”

With these scary stories in mind, it’s easy to see why sharks are so feared by the masses.

However, you’d have to be incredibly unfortunate to find yourself in the Jaws of a hungry shark – nevertheless, always be vigilant when popping into the water!

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