Deep Sea Fisherman Shares Images of Insane Underwater Creatures He Catches

The ocean freaks me out. I don’t mean swimming in it, nor that I have a phobia of salt water or anything like that. But the deep dark corners of the sea are pretty scary. To date, the human race has explored less than five percent of the ocean, as even the most high-tech gadgets start to break when subjected to the pressures of its depths.

That means a lot of aquatic creatures we haven’t even seen yet. But while I’m contemplating the possibility that the Kraken really exists, Russian deep sea fisherman Roman Fedorstov is out there looking for the weirdest fish he can find.

Working on a fishing trawler across the world, he stumbles upon the strangest creatures as he explores the deep blue sea. Earlier this year, he started tweeting photographs of his most unusual catches.

This one has a strangely emotive face

This monstrosity was caught in the Greenland sea

This genuinely looks like an alien

Why, mother nature, why?

Small but deadly

Just one would be enough

This thing looks HUGE

Throw it back in!

A bargain catch

Eyes like this should not exist

I no longer know which way is up

Nowhere is safe from spiders…

Is it smiling!?

This one is kind of cute in a weird way

I can’t even

“One guy requested that I repost this fish. Damn, just look at him.”

This starfish is the nicest thing around here

This shark couldn’t look more evil if it tried

Straight out of a horror movie

“Here’s another Macrourus. The scales are like sandpaper”

To think that all these oddities are the ones we can find, makes me wonder what’s in the other 95 percent of the ocean. I shudder at the thought.

If somehow this nightmare material wasn’t enough to scare you silly, you should check out the time two-headed sharks were discovered in the ocean.


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