The Most Decorated US Olympians In The History Of The Games

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio have officially started, as the world's greatest athletes compete for one of the top prizes in the history of all sport - an Olympic gold medal. Since the modern Olympic games were introduced back in 1896, only a few amazing humans can boast that they have had a bronze, silver or gold medal draped around their neck.

However, for some athletes, one medal is never enough, and that certainly can be said for our Team USA athletes over the years. In fact, between 1896 and 2014, the USA have won 2681 medals across both the Summer and Winter Olympic games - more than any other country on Earth. For that honor, we must thank our Olympic heros. Here are the most decorated US Olympians in history...

(Spoiler Alert: We're really good at swimming...)

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20. Lloyd Spooner (Shooting)

7 Medals - 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze

Kicking off the list is Lloyd Spooner, who managed to acquire seven medals in his first and only Olympic games. A true expert in sports shooting, Spooner left the 1920 Olympic games in Antwerp with seven medals - six of his which were in team shooting competitions, and the one individual bronze medal was obtained in the Military Rifle, Prone, 600m.

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