David Hasselhoff’s Plus Size Model Daughter Shows Off INCREDIBLE Body In Lingerie Shoot

Growing up in the spotlight seems like a dream to us Average Joes. From the day children with famous parents are born, they never have to want for anything, and if they want to follow in their parents’ footsteps, Hollywood is likely to embrace them with open arms.

However, this can create a lot of expectations which many famous offspring find difficult to live up to. If they have a parent who is famed for their dashing good looks and impressive physique, people might be shocked if they don’t follow suit with their appearance.

But 25-year-old Hayley Hasselhoff has no qualms about showing off her sizable assets and plus size figure. In fact, she has been making waves for a number of years now as a plus-sized model and her 65-year-old father, The Hoff, couldn’t be more proud of her.

In December of last year, she posted a number of racy pictures on her Instagram page, showing off her enviable assets.

Speaking about her curvy frame, the 25-year-old said, “We all have moments of doubt in our body but we must rise above and love our bodies for all that they are. It is important for me to live a life where I appreciate and love my curves.”

Hayley, however, is not just known for her modeling. She followed in her father’s footsteps and found herself in the spotlight when she played Amber in sitcom Huge. She had her first taste of acting, naturally, in a small role in Baywatch.

Now, as part of the body positivity movement, she has been turning heads in a racy lingerie shoot for SLiNK magazine.

“My choice to be happy in the body I have today,” Hayley said. “It’s so important that we love and nourish our thoughts about ourselves. You have to love who you are today to get to where you want to be tomorrow.”

“There’s an importance to having a magazine that’s sole purpose is centered around body confidence, fashion, and curves,” she said of SLiNK magazine. “Having our cover shoot be in lingerie was a very empowering moment for myself.”

“I’ve worked with the magazine on multiple projects in the past and hold them in such a dear place in my heart,” Hayley said.

The saucy photographs were taken at The Westbridge Hotel in London by shutterbug photographer Roberto Aguilar.

In one set of photographs, the 25-year-old wore a black lingerie set with lace trim and had her styled in a fashion similar to Marilyn Monroe’s.

Speaking about this particular shoot, Hayley said, “I was empowered to wear lingerie and love all of my body’s flaws in that moment.”

Many people who do not grow up in the spotlight feel pressured by society into looking a certain way. In this interview below, Hayley explains that growing up on the set of Baywatch did not influence what she thought of her body – much to people’s surprise!

Unfortunately, however, not all plus size women have Hayley’s confidence. On an episode of This Morning, she decided to pass on some of her fantastic fashion advice to plus size viewers of the show.

“This is so exciting for me because as a curve columnist and plus size model I’ve really been able to see the availability in the market and I really want to get that knowledge out there,” she said.

Pictured below is 58-year-old Annie who Hayley styled in a bargain statement silk suit.

“Fashion is a way of telling who you are without actually speaking,” Hayley said.

“We as women need to love our bodies for all that they give us not only what they show,” Hayley said of the importance of body confidence.

In a world where many people suffer as a result of impossible beauty standards, Hayley’s attitude towards her body is a welcome breath of fresh air. Having grown up around people who were in the spotlight, she refused to let these standards influence what she thought of her physique.

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