David Beckham Makes An Insane Amount Of Money Per Day

Today, I learned that a business exists by which a man writes on potatoes with a marker pen and posts them to people. For this service, a whole ten dollars is charged. Apparently, the dude’s making more money per month than most average nine till six office workers will earn in a year.

After learning this fact, I had a good few minutes of personal reflection (read: freak out) where I totally reassessed my life, my career, and everything I thought I knew about the world. Why didn’t I just quit everything and become the next potato writing pioneer? Because someone else had already beaten me to it, that’s why.

If you want to know what my minor breakdown felt like, then look no further than a certain David Beckham – to make you feel terrible about your own life.


Why is David Beckham the candidate for feeling truly, truly terrible about yourself? Well, he’s pretty much one of the most successful men on the planet, with awesome sporting prowess, a killer fashion sense and an enviable family.

But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly how much good old Dave earns in a single day? Head over to the next page to have your life put into horrifying perspective.

David Beckham has managed to earn a whopping $87,000 a day throughout 2016. In case you hadn’t noticed, this is more than most people earn in an entire year… or two… or three. Beckham made more than £10.6 million last year through his firm Seven Global LLP, which looks after sales of his clothing, fragrances and accessories.

A source told The Sun: “There is no stopping Brand Beckham. Even though he has long retired from football David’s empire keeps on growing. He is a savvy businessman and surrounds himself with like-minded people. The latest figures are staggering but it’s no real surprise.”


It’s thought that Beckham’s work with global fashion brand H&M was one of the main factors in boosting his yearly figures to such startling heights. Who can blame them, really, considering how epic the advert he made for them was?

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