Dad Passes Mum Their Newborn Baby Wearing Two Onesies, Then She Looks Closer…

Special moments between couples are captured on camera all the time. For example, you may simply be at a baseball game, but then share a kiss for the world to see on the Kiss Cam. Or maybe, you’re a teen taking a selfie of you and your loved one sharing an intimate moment, which you later post on Instagram. Or maybe you even have a whole album of memories with your loved one on Flickr. That’s the amazing thing about technology, it allows you to capture and immortalize all these beautiful moments more than ever!

Mark and his partner Naae are a couple from Reno, Nevada. Mark works on the cash register at Dunkin’ Donuts and Naae is a stay-at-home mom. They recently welcomed a third member to the family – a beautiful baby boy called Zyaire. They’ve already decided that Zy will be his nickname!

1. The Relationship Between Mark And Naae

The time had come for the couple to introduce Zy to the entire family, but with all their loved one’s present, Naae was suddenly brought to tears when she realized Mark had dressed their child in two onesies. Grab your tissues…

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Zy is just a couple of months old! What’s more, he was born not long into the new year (in February 2017). Yep, 2017 was a new year and the new year brought with it, a new addition to the family. It was the best start to the year that they could have hoped for…

2. Mark’s Pride As A New Daddy

When Mark’s baby was born, the proud dad posted a photo on his Facebook page with the caption “Welcome to the world, my prince.” You can tell that little boy will be spoilt rotten by his daddy! I mean, he’s already a prince in his eyes. The post received over 200 likes! The love depicted between a father and his son is one of the most endearing things in the world. It’s no wonder it was such a popular post!

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Naae posted a photo on February 14, 2017, in which her newborn baby, Zy, is sleeping in hospital with his loving parents by his side. The caption reads, “I still can’t believe I’m a mom, he’s soooo perfect to me.”

3. Naae’s Pride As A New Mother

Naae always knew she wanted to be a mother – it was her destiny. However, she never thought she would meet somebody like Mark. He was the love of her life and she couldn’t think of anybody better for her to grow old with. And the best part about it all was that she had found someone who felt exactly the same. She knew that Mark would do anything for her as she would for him.

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Mark is very unpredictable in the best possible way – you never know when he has something up his sleeve…

 4. Mark’s Love Of Surprises

He is the type of person that gets a kick out of surprising people and seeing their reactions. If he were to do something like throw a surprise birthday party, for instance, he wouldn’t just do a small-scale one, he’d throw one hell of a surprise party and he’d make sure everyone knew about it (apart from the birthday boy or girl, of course). Especially if it was for someone who was very dear to him – like his beloved girlfriend. He loved her more than he thought it possible to love someone.  The best feeling in the world for him, is when he’s able to put a smile on her face.

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This was the young couple’s first child together! They had no idea what it was like to be parents…

5. Overcompensating On Onesies?

Sure, they had young family members, but had never been in the position of being totally and wholly responsible for one delicate little life – a life that they themselves created. As all new couples do, they bought everything they thought they needed for when the baby was finally there. In fact, perhaps they went slightly overboard. This was their first time, becoming parents and they were beyond excited!

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They decided that when Naae and Zy were back from hospital, they would throw a party to celebrate the fact that their little nugget was finally in the world!

6. A Planned Celebration

They planned it when they were still in hospital with the little one! They were so overwhelmed by the cuteness that was their adorable bundle of joy that they wanted all their nearest and dearest to see how amazingly cute their little one was and how proud they were to have brought him into the world.

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It comes as no surprise that people were thrilled at the idea of a little get-together. They desperately wanted to meet the newest addition to the family…

7. Everyone Wants To See The New Baby

Most people responded with a big, fat yes to the invitation – they weren’t going to miss it for the world. It had been a long nine months. Their dear friends were delighted that Mark and Naae were now parents. They were the kindest, most generous people and this was such a blessing for them. The guests couldn’t wait to bring gifts for the new parents as well as the newborn.

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There were heaps and heaps of people at the party – way more than expected!

8. The Party Begins

The couple’s family and friends attended and brought plus ones with them. They all came baring gifts for the family. Naae spent most of the time chatting to people and holding her precious little boy close to her chest. She was now home and she still couldn’t quite believe that she had brought someone else into their lives, into their home.

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A video of the party was taken and posted on social media. It went viral….

9. The Party Is Captured On Video

Naae was wearing a gorgeous black dress and boots and looked a million dollars in front of the camera! She continues to hold her baby while the video is being filmed. You can see she is completely surrounded by presents which she then proceeds to open. More people take out their phones to film the occasion!

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 There was a massive surprise coming that Naae was totally unaware about…

10. What Did Mark Now Have Up His Sleeve?

Mark arranged the surprise. He was now holding Zy but handed him over to Naae.  Naae suddenly realized something – her baby was wearing a different onesie to the one he was wearing earlier that day, the one that she dressed him in. She definitely hadn’t changed the outfit – the only other person could have done so is Mark. Why did her boyfriend put him in a new onesie?

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 Mark said to Naae that there was another present she would be getting… but what could it be?

11. Another Gift For Naae?

However, he playfully told his beautiful girlfriend that she could only receive the gift under one condition – she had to find the gift with a little help from himself. He had given her some clues, however, she was still none the wiser.

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Somehow Zy’s onesie had a part to play in this little “game” of Mark’s…

12. The Blue Onesie

Zy was wearing a blue onesie. Mark told his girlfriend to take it off. Naae was in two minds about whether to do it or not but she did it anyway although she was very confused at the instruction.

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There was definitely something underneath the onesie…

 13. Encouragement From The Crowd

 It then becomes clear that the guests know exactly what’s going on! They tell her repeatedly, to keep checking the onesie. Underneath the onesie she had taken off, there was another onesie…

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Someone shouted “Read it!” so that’s exactly what she did.

14. Naee Reads What’s Written On The Onesie

Naee really couldn’t believe what it was that she was reading! It was the loveliest, most romantic thing she could possibly imagine. Out of all the gifts in the world – this was the best she had ever received.

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She burst into tears, she couldn’t help herself, she was so overwhelmed with emotion…

15. The Guests Become Impatient

People were asking what it said – they were so curious after the big kerfuffle and especially as it had resulted in Naae breaking down into tears!

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The onesie had the words “Mommy, will you marry my daddy?” on it. She showed the impatient crowd the baby wearing the onesie…

 16. The Big Revelation

Although a lot of the guests knew something like this was coming –  it was still quite a big surprise. The way, Mark had executed it, ensured that it turned out perfectly! They enjoyed seeing Naae’s reaction to the words written on her baby’s tiny little body. It was so fitting – they had new baby – they had reached that milestone and now through the child they were about to reach another one!

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Naae had, of course, said yes to the proposal…

17. She Accepts

She was beaming with joy when she accepted her now-fiance’s proposal. The prospect of being the wife of Mark, the love of her life, was just so exciting. There was no better feeling!

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The video of the proposal was posted on Facebook and it garnered about 7,000 views…

18. The World’s Reaction

The video has also been shared numerous time! People just can’t get over how beautiful the whole thing was. The way Mark arranged it all, the enthusiasm of the guests, Naee’s reaction to it all. It was the most romantic video people had seen in a long time!

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Anyone who watches this video will find it totally heart-wrenching and beautiful! Do it, it’s worth it.

19. Restores Your Faith In Romance

One of the many Facebook users who had commented on the video said it was the “best proposal of 2017 – I see why it went viral.” I think we can all agree with this. As of now, the couple are busy planning their wedding – there’s no date yet! How special that their son will be able to be a part of this lovely occasion!

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