36 Questions From Yahoo Answers That Will Make You Question The Human Race

The internet has many wonderful uses and arguably one of the greatest of them all is its ability to provide answers to all sorts of troubling questions. 'Let's ask Yahoo' has been my go to in many debates and has even settled heated relationship disputes, proving who's wrong and who's right. In this sense, it's a totally genius platform. However, even though some people take to asking totally valid and reasonable questions, others do not…

These people asked such ridiculous questions that it’s almost impossible not to laugh.

1. Don't give up on that dream


2. If so, how do I become one?



3. Maybe we're all just fictional characters in someone else's video game


adad h.

4. You're not ready to be a Dad


.5. The first sign is it emerging from your vagina


.6. What is with this parents and how can we stop them breeding?


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