Couple Teach Rude Woman A Lesson By Making Her Shuttle Journey A Total Nightmare

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that encounters with rude people are pretty much inevitable to happen at least sometimes in your life. And that’s because while most of us try to be considerate and personable to those around us, others refuse to play ball and insist on being douchebags.

Beverly and Ted Odell Robinson, a loving couple from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, experienced just that. They were returning home from a trip to Arizona when they came across a very rude woman on the shuttle from the car rental to the airport.

At the airport, the couple then went on to record a hilarious video of the encounter, a video which ended up going viral: 

In the clip, the couple take turns in telling the story, resulting in an absolutely hysterical video. So what exactly happened? Well, the Robinsons were returning home after spending some time in Arizona, celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary.

They dropped off their rental vehicle, went onboard the shuttle and immediately saw that it was crowded. They did, however, manage to spot two empty seats… but with one woman between them.

Since the woman had a seat on either side of her, it made total sense that she either budge to the left or the right so that the couple could sit together.

So Beverly and Ted did what many other couples would have done and asked her if they could sit together. However, the woman refused to oblige and motioned to the two seats on either side of her.

And that’s when it started to get interesting. Beverly and Ted have a fantastic sense of humor and so they didn’t let the woman’s sour attitude bring them down. They had fun with it.

They decided if she was so intent on sitting between them, they would give her the inclusion she apparently wanted. So they made sure to sit as close to the woman as they could. Beverly even went on to say: “I was pretty much sitting on her hip!”

Every time there was a sharp jolt, Beverly did nothing to stop herself from leaning into the woman.

Then to make matters even more infuriating for the rude woman, Ted began taking selfies with his wife, and naturally, the woman was in those photos. She “looked like family,” Beverly said chuckling.

The couple managed to retain their humor and cackled throughout the entire episode, and other passengers even joined the pair in their amusement.

The woman, clearly humiliated, then tried to save face with one pathetic excuse. Watch the video above to find out watch she told them. She really wasn’t doing herself any favors…

Moral of the story: don’t be a jerk on public transport… or anywhere for that matter.

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