Couple Ask the Internet to Photoshop a Shirtless Dude out of Their Engagement Pic, Hilarity Ensues 

Photos have become an absolutely paramount aspect of our existence. After all, if you had a sun-soaked meal on the veranda comprising of smashed avocado and some kind of iced frap, did it really happen if you didn't get a photo?

Our lives are now validated through social media (over) sharing, whether we like it or not, so photos must be numerous and of a high quality. Every now and then, though, an ostensibly perfectly acceptable photo can be ruined by one irritating aspect, usually in the background, that draws the viewer's gaze away from your toothy smile. On those occasions, Photoshop is the order of the day, and those skilled in the fiddly art of photo editing become the engineers of our social lives. Except, of course, those with a somewhat wicked sense of humour, like, for example, when this couple requested that a rather rotund shirtless gentleman be edited out of their engagement photo. The results? Hilarity.

1. Brace yourselves, we're just getting started

2. Mr Bean's Holiday: 2017 remake

3. Harrowing

4. They're everywhere!

5. I hope they'll be very happy together


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