Costco Have Started Selling Ginormous Cheeseburgers and People Can’t Get Enough

The idea of a warehouse club, a retail store where customers can buy large quantities of products at bargain prices, has been around since the early seventies. But without a doubt it was Costco who brought the idea into the mainstream, transforming it into one the biggest retail chains in the United States, and the country's largest membership-only warehouse clubs.

The company opened its first warehouse in Seattle in 1983, but through various corporate mergers and a successful expansion of the last few decades, Costco has a total of 729 locations across the world, from the U.S to Iceland to South Korea. But above everything, the best thing about Costco has to be the food court. From pizza, frozen yogurt, to sandwiches and burgers, the standard selection is best known for its big portions on the cheap side of things.

The chain sold more than 82 million hot dogs in its food courts in 2008, and for good reason. The best news is that you don't need a membership to buy anything in the food court, as long as you've got some cash in hand. So grabbing one of their infamous $1.50 hot dog and drink combos is no hassle at all. But there is a change coming to Costco that will might make you stop by the retailer for a new reason.


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