Conor McGregor Makes Amazing Gesture To Superfan Who Wrote Viral Song About Him

I don't know about you, but I find that writing songs for the object of our respective affections is a theoretically sweet and romantic gesture that always turns out to be creepy in practice. Just ask many of my high school crushes or Tinder matches, who were treated to a number of ill-advised serenades that in hindsight, were more awkward than charming. Even the ones in perfect iambic pentameter.

As bad as writing songs for people who won't look you in the eye in real life can turn out, writing songs for celebrities seems like a really easy way to get slapped with a restraining order. However, once in a while, we can end up with a story similar to that of Nick Konstantin, whose song about the Irish fighter Conor McGregor became massively popular online.

When McGregor himself caught wind of his song, he was enamored enough to make an incredible gesture to the singer and Conor McGregor superfan.


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