What Your Fingernails Actually Reveal About Our Overall Health

As humans, we tend to take our fingernails for granted. We certainly don't pay them much attention as far as our health is concerned.

And yes, while we should definitely be working out and watching what we eat, what we should also be doing is making sure that our fingernails are as healthy as ever.

Contrary to what you might think, nails can reveal a lot about our overall health. From not having enough color to displaying too much color to excessive cracks and bumps, there are plenty of nail-related symptoms which could be an indicator that you are suffering from a particular illness.

Here are all the potential signs that you could be experiencing problems with your health, as indicated by the color and texture of your fingernails.

1. Fingernails with a hint of blue

Blue fingernails could indicate that you have a decreased supply of oxygen to your body, or that you're experiencing problems with your heart or your lungs. In the worst case scenario, it could be an early sign of emphysema. If you notice this on your own nails - get it checked out!

2. White fingernails

Nails that are chalk white are not necessarily healthy so if you notice them turning whiter, this could potentially be a cause for concern. It could indicate that you are experiencing health problems connected with your liver. In particular, white nails tend to be early signs of Hepatitis or Jaundice.

3. Rippled nails


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