Chris Pratt Has Finally Broken His Silence About His Breakup With Wife Anna Faris

In August 2017, everyone inside and outside of Hollywood was shocked to learn that after eight whole years of marriage, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris would be separating. The news had taken many people aback simply because there had been nothing to suggest, even by close sources, that their marriage was on the rocks.

The couple, who have a four-year-old son together called Jack, were seen as proof that Hollywood marriages aren’t necessarily doomed to fail. Many would even go as far to say that they were perfect for each other.

What made the shocking news all the more palpable was the fact that it came straight from the horses’ mouths. Initially, Chris Pratt posted a status announcing the separation;

“Anna and I are sad to announce we are legally separating. We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still have love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another.”

The post was signed by both Chris and Anna. Shortly afterwards, Anna tweeted a very similar statement to her fans, but very notably excluded the concluding phrase, “And continue to have the deepest respect for one another.”

After announcing the separation, both Chris and Anna kept themselves to themselves for a while, and avoided elaborating on the split in the media. However, this all changed last night at the Emmys when Anna made her first public appearance since the split. 
She arrived on the Emmy Awards red carpet in a beautiful Marc Jacobs gown covered in sequinned flowers, looking stunning as she walked the red carpet.

The 40-year-old actress then presented the award for Variety Sketch Series with her Mom co-star, Allison Janney. And although Chris wasn’t in attendance, he did open up about his estranged wife when a TMZ reporter asked him to comment on Anna’s appearance at the awards ceremony.

It can’t have been easy being confronted with an invasive reporter and being asked personal questions about Anna, but the answer that he gave was very sweet and incredibly heartwarming.

The 38-year-old Guardians Of The Galaxy star told the reporter, “I know she did great. Anna did an amazing job, man. She rules. Her and Allison [Janney] they both looked great. Go watch Mom on CBS.”

Chris Pratt has always been publicly supportive of Anna’s career, and although there have been rumors that their split revolved around his very swift rise to fame in recent years, it is clear that he still has a lot of pride in her accomplishments. After all, she is still and always will be the mother of his son.

Divorces are never easy, even if you happen to reside in Hollywood and have what is typically seen as the “perfect” life. In fact, I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to let the entire world know that your marriage is ending. However, both Chris and Anna have dealt with the situation in the best and most mature way possible. I wish both of them and their son the very best of luck for their futures.

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