Celebrities You Never Knew Were Robbed In Their Own Homes…

Celebrities are some of the most privileged people in the world, but often that privilege comes with a price. When people know you have millions in the bank and can easily find out where you live, you’ll always be vulnerable to theft… no matter how careful you are!

A number of celebrities have unfortunately been the victims of a burglary, and in some cases, multiple burglaries. Some were in their homes when the crime took place, and some even came face-to-face with the perpetrators of the crime. Here are all the celebrities you weren’t aware were robbed in their own home…

1. Nicolas Cage

How shocked would you be if you woke up in the middle of the night, and realized that you weren’t alone? That there was an intruder in your home? And how would you feel if this person didn’t have any clothes on? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Nicholas Cage. He was robbed in his own home, by a man who, for whatever reason, was entirely naked! And what was taken? One of Nicholas’ beloved leather jackets!

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