‘Catch Me Outside’ Girl And Her Mom Get Into Plane Brawl

In the internet age, being famous presents unique challenges. As recently as 30 years ago, celebrities were able to benefit from a degree of privacy along with their instant recognisability, allowing them to recharge their batteries ahead of red carpet appearances or televised interviews.

Today, being instantly recognisable means you have to be constantly vigilant of your thoughts and actions, as an unpopular opinion or thoughtless action can be enough to destroy the goodwill you’ve built up, and turn your fame to infamy.

Unfortunately, 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli will be learning this the hard way. She hasn’t been famous very long at all, but after an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show spawned an unlikely catchphrase that catapulted her into the public eye, the “Catch Me Outside Girl” has gotten involved in an altercation on a plane.

Police were called to California’s LAX airport on the evening of Monday the 6th when a Spirit Airways flight was disrupted by a dispute between Danielle Bregoli, her mother Barbara Ann and an as-yet-unidentified third party. The pair were arrested, and after the scuffle broke out, all three were banned from Spirit Airways flights for life.

A bystander recorded the moment where the argument got physical, and you can see the footage below.

After the incident, Danielle Bregoli took to the internet to explain her side of the story, and although she’s shot to fame on her confrontational demeanour, the Catch Me Outside girl seemed to have been simply retaliating. According to Danielle, the argument started when an unnamed party became upset at Barbara Ann for taking too long to put away her luggage, due to a walking cast on her foot.

Although the unknown party appeared the aggressor in this incident, violence was probably not the correct course of action for Danielle or her mother. Although tensions can run high on a stressful airplane journey, this scuffle broke out for seemingly innocuous reasons, and either Barbara Ann or the other passenger could have stopped the disagreement from escalating. Having stated in a previous interview that her violent tendencies were behind her and that she was a changed girl, this story might adversely affect Danielle’s credibility in the future.

Danielle apparently has designs on using her fame to help victims of bullying, but if she wants to become a role model, the 13-year-old will have to rein in her more aggressive tendencies moving forward.

This incident will be a test of her internet fame, but she’ll have an immediate opportunity to make amends when she returns to the television program that made her famous. Danielle Bregoli is set to appear on the Dr. Phil Show today, and you can be fairly certain that particular episode will be watched with keen interest across the world.

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