Cancer Survivor Takes Hilarious Selfies With Her Amputated Foot

There’s a well-known phrase which I often use as a mantra – if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Not only will it go well with your vodka, but it will also provide the positive frame of mind you’re looking for if times get tough.

One particular person who adopted this frame of mind is Oklahoma resident Kristi Loyall, 25. For five years, Kristi felt a numbness in her right foot but medical professions disregarded the pain, and told her that she was fine. In April 2016, she was told that her foot had to be amputated due to a cancerous tumour which doctors had not previously spotted.

Feeling at a loss, Loyall decided to make a request to her doctors and asked if she could keep her amputated foot as a souvenir. Understandably, the doctors were a little perplexed but managed to return Kristi’s leg to her. Kristi was reunited with her amputated leg, so she sent it off to a company which turned it into a memento. Now, Kristi’s amputated leg is Insta-famous. Find out why on the next page.

Who would have thought that an amputated leg could become an Instagram star?! Kristi Loyall’s amputated leg has its own Instagram account, and she currently has over 4,500 followers who appreciate her comedic approach to life. Even her Instagram handle is witty – onefootwander.

Lol get it? #amputee #skeleton #foot #funnybone #familyvideo #footloose

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After getting her leg amputated due to an epithelioid sarcoma in her right foot, Kristi Loyall asked her doctors if she could keep her amputated leg. Speaking to PBSHour, Loyall said that: “My parents tried to convince me not to keep it, but I thought I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t”. She was successful in her quest, and subsequently sent it to a company that cleans skeletons. After four months, her leg was returned to her, and onefootwander was born.

Working on my tan #amputee #skeleton #foot #funnybone ##cancersucks #cancer #tan #pastyaf

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Obviously, this isn’t your typical travel blog. Kristi makes sure to update her followers on the day-to-day activities that her leg gets up to. Past adventures include a visit to Turner Falls, the city of Oklahoma and Lake Hefner.

Shaved my leg today #amputee #skeleton #foot #cancersucks

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Her Instagram account is so popular that there are calls for her to be a guest on Ellen. This platform would be incredible for Kristi, as she is currently struggling to pay her bills. Her GoFundMe page states that: “Along with all the physical struggles she has had to face, she has been struggling with depression. She is now unable to work at the moment. On top of not being able to work and facing issues with the insurance company, she still has to pay rent, bills, car insurance and car payments.”

Warming my toes by the fire #amputee #skeleton #foot #cancersucks #cancer #fire #candle #toes

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If this isn’t making the best out of a bad situation, then I don’t know what is. Cancer can be earth-shattering, and Kristi’s humorous attitude towards her amputation is praiseworthy. Lets hope that Kristi receives all the funding possible for her life to be a little more comfortable.

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