Can You Spot The Unbelievable Photoshop Fail In This Kardashian Calvin Klein Ad?

If you happen to be lucky enough to be a member of America’s First Family of reality television, then your main priority in life will be “keeping up” appearances. It’s the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s seemingly flawless looks which have, after all, enabled them to build an empire. While it’s no secret that their looks aren’t exactly 100% natural, there have been a few instances where the veil between the people everyone apparently aspires to look like and us Average Joes has gloriously fallen.

Last year, the worst kept secret in the celebrity world was revealed through a Calvin Klein ad – in which, Kylie Jenner was pictured with her stomach mysteriously covered up, despite the fact that her family had vehemently refused to confirm or deny the rumors that she was pregnant. As we all know, of course, the 20-year-old was indeed expecting, and since giving birth to daughter Stormi in February, appears to have opted for a more natural look, removing her famous lip fillers.

However, sometimes this veil has been ripped down – not by the Kardashians themselves, but by whoever the hell has been editing their pictures. In this second snap from the same campaign, while Kylie’s stomach is once again hidden, her leg has also been mysteriously photoshopped out of the picture, and, to be honest, it’s something which you can’t unsee.

And now they’ve done it again!

Check out the video below to see some of the most cringe-worthy celebrity photoshop fails of all time:

Now, in their latest campaign for Calvin Klein, an even crazier photoshop fail has taken place and involves the oldest sibling in this famous family, 39-year-old Kourtney. The picture from the designers fall 2018 underwear and jeans campaign was posted to Instagram by Kim four days ago.

On the surface, the barely photoshopped picture is everything which you’d expect from the Kardashians. Each sister is pictured looking flawless, and Kourtney is definitely flying the flag for moms-to-be by showing off her baby bump.

However, when this seemingly fashionable monochrome snap is zoomed in on, the bizarre fail becomes all too apparent…

Have you still not noticed it? Take a close look at Kourtney’s arms. Is there something odd about them?

Yes, Kourtney appears to have had half of her arm trimmed off. While this could be explained by her arm being snapped at a funny angle, it would mean that the 39-year-old has a seriously out of proportion wrist, and we all know she doesn’t.

But on the off chance that you don’t believe me, here are some more natural pictures of Kourtney at a Dodgers game in L.A. this week. As you can tell, her arms are indeed perfectly proportioned – so someone at Calvin Klein is in serious trouble.

I mean, it’s one of the biggest designer brands in the world, so you’d assume that their pictures would be flawless.

Here are pictures of Kourtney’s arms from a few more angles in case you need further convincing:

But, needless to say, this is not the first time that the Kardashian’s have been subject to a photoshop fail and if their personal Instagram pages are anything to go by, even if the brands they work with up their game, it certainly won’t be their last.

We can only presume that because the Kardashians can earn a small fortune from their Instagram accounts alone, each of their posts is edited professionally, and whoever photoshopped this sexy snap of Kendal made a serious fail with her wall.

Yeah, I’m no interior designer, but I definitely don’t think that walls should be that wonky.

And while there’s no denying that Kris Jenner looks fantastic for 61, there is a limit to how flawless an older lady’s skin can look, and she hilariously proved this in a snap she had edited with the comparatively very wrinkly chef Gordon Ramsay.

I’m pretty sure that he said more than a few expletives when he saw how much his face had been edited in this snap!

But arguably, an even bigger fail came in the form of this snap of Kim and Jonathan Cheban. Despite the fact that it’s a relatively grainy picture anyway, someone’s still clearly tried to photoshop it – and taken one of Kim’s extremities with them.

Kim, I think there’s something seriously wrong with your right arm…

Missing body parts appear to be a running theme when it comes to Kardashian photoshop fails and in this seemingly cute picture of Khloé and baby daddy Tristian Thompson, her leg actually reflects how much trust there is in that relationship.

Yup, it’s slowly but surely disappearing. I give them a year before they split for good. Shame on you for cheating, Tristian!

But putting relationship metaphors to the side for a moment, Khloé’s body really does have an annoying habit of disappearing.

While working out is all well and good, when you’re quite literally influencing millions of people, it’s probably not a good idea to have half your side dodgily photoshopped away. Then again, no one said the Kardashians were keeping it real.

To be honest, I think that Kris would be more of an inspiration to older women if she did exactly this…

And in this picture, fans have questioned whether or not she photoshopped her arm down to a slimmer size after noticing a mysterious curve in the wooden panel behind the 61-year-old. You certainly can’t fool the internet!

While there’s no denying that the Kardashian-Jenner clan, even without cosmetic surgery, are an attractive bunch, I think we can all agree that maybe they should all follow in Kylie’s footsteps and opt for a more natural look. We’re living in the age of body positivity and even the most perfect bodies aren’t perfect – or, as this ad demonstrates, photoshopped accurately.

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