Can You Solve This Quiz Question That All Astronauts Have To Answer Before Going To Space

The question appears straightforward, lulling you into a false sense of security as you quickly come to a conclusion. However, there is more to it than initially meets the eye.

Peake's 681,000 Facebook followers were left flummoxed by the challenge, with arguments soon erupting in the comments as users fought over the answer and mocked those who got it wrong.

The question is dependent on whether you approach the problem literally, or try to think outside of the box. The two different approaches will provide two contrasting answers to the same question.

Most of Peake's followers concluded that the dot would stay on the bottom of the cube, with one user explaining: "Imagine holding the cube in your open hand. That’s how I did it. The dot was on the bottom at the end of the moves. The drawing is of no relevance really when you’re asked to do this in your mind."

“It’s in exactly the same place it was when you started only your perception of the locality of the cube has changed,” wrote another user.

However, others were convinced that the question was a trick. "If the question states the dot is on the bottom of the cube, the dot will surely always stay on the bottom of the cube, regardless of the cube’s rotation," one perplexed user typed.

Regardless of the answer, those who considered it all took it very seriously. “It’s not for philosophy school or entrance to debate club. It’s an exam for a heavily technical scientific role where getting the answer correct is imperative,” wrote one user.

So, did you get it right? Are you booking your ticket to the moon? Or, are you still scratching your head?


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