Can You Spot The Very Subtle Different Between How Kate And Meghan Photograph?

Ah, the life of a Princess!

Everyone’s got their eyes on the Royals these days, especially Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. While Meghan is technically not yet a Royal, her wedding to Harry is just months away and has everyone excited. As for Kate? She’s about to welcome a third Royal baby into the world.

Kate and Meghan do have a lot in common. They are both the same age, about to be sisters-in-law, and are partnered up with Princes. However, there is one subtle difference between the two and it has to do with how they are photographed.

Have you noticed it? No, it doesn’t have anything to do with how they dress or who photographs them. And it certainly has nothing to do with Kate being British and Meghan being an American.

While some are wondering if Meghan’s years of film training are to blame, others are looking to her use of social media and selfies for the difference. Have the clues helped you? Okay, one last hint. It has to do with their eyes…

Take a look at photos of Kate and Meghan. Kate always looks away, like she’s in a candid shot but Meghan acknowledges the camera, always offering some eye contact and sometimes a smile.

Some think Meghan’s comfort level with a camera may be to blame. After all, she was a very successful actor and is certainly no stranger to being photographed.

Yet, on closer reflection that doesn’t make much sense. Actors are trained to look away from the camera when performing, and certainly, by now, Kate would have achieved a good level of comfort with being in the public eye.

So what is it? Well, according to body language expert Judi James, it likely has to do with Meghan’s social media use. “Although Meghan is the same age as Kate, there is a virtual generational difference in their relationships with the camera,” says James.

“Like many young women of the selfie generation, Meghan’s habit of doing what is called ‘camera courting’ (addressing the camera with a direct eye gaze), suggests a desire to communicate openly and confidently,” James adds.

This makes a lot of sense because up until recently, Meghan had been very active on social media, using everything from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to even running her own blog.

However, all of these accounts have recently been closed. A palace source confirmed this by issuing a statement: “Ms. Markle is grateful to everyone who has followed her social media accounts over the years, however as she has not used these accounts for some time […] she has taken the decision to close them.”

Typically members of the Royal Family have official social media accounts that are run by staff and do not include person posts. For example, Will, Kate, and Harry are represented by the Kensington Palace Twitter account. Presumably, Meghan soon will be, too.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. If Kate and Meghan are the same age, shouldn’t they both be well versed in the ways of social media and “camera courting”?

Not necessarily. Will and Kate met way back in 2001 when there weren’t many mainstream social media options around. Not even Facebook had been invented yet. They were engaged in 2010 and married in 2011, so Kate has been associated with the Royal Family a long time.

It wouldn’t have been favorable for her to begin using all sorts of personal social media accounts after she became associated with William, and it’s likely Kate has never used many of the more modern social media inventions like Snapchat and Instagram.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Meghan’s body language evolves as she fits into Royal life. Apparently, Kate is already helping her out with learning all of the necessary protocol, such as this moment when she showed Meghan how to curtsey to the Queen:

But now, one has to wonder if any of Meghan’s ways will rub off on Kate!

To see how the soon-to-be sisters-in-law are getting along, check out the video below. It’ll also let you in on some of the crazy rules the Royals have to learn and what having a friendship behind the palace gates is really like.

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