British Lawyer Twins Facing Three Years In Dubai Jail For Insulting Arab Women

Dubai is notorious for its strict laws. Unlike in the Western world, it’s illegal to be drunk in public there. So it only stands to reason that British lawyer twins Alena and Sasha Parker, 37, from London, found themselves in trouble for behaving outrageously on a night out.

The pair are now facing a trial which could see them spend up to three years behind bars for allegedly assaulting a policewoman and “cursing Arab women” on a night out in August 2017, which resulted in them being arrested for “roguish behavior”, a court heard on Monday.

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Prior to this incident, the twins had flaunted their lavish Dubai lifestyle on social media.

Alena Parker, an associate at Al Safar & Partners, and her sister Sasha, the law firm’s case manager, were been found drunk in the Al Barsha district.

“A police patrol dispatched to the location found the two intoxicated British [legal] advocates were behaving outrageously,” police records revealed.

Suffering an injury to her hand, Alena was “being treated in an ambulance car by paramedics, while the other sister was standing outside the ambulance and shouting.”

The pair reportedly refused to cooperate with a policeman at the scene and that’s when he called a female colleague to guard them while he got handcuffs.

The policewoman told prosecutors what they did next: “They surprisingly attacked me, and I don’t know why.”

“They assaulted me and pushed me down on the floor… I fell down and injured my head and elbow.”

“While they were being taken for an alcohol test, they cursed me and cursed Arab women. One of them also scratched my hand with her nails.”

Three policemen and a lieutenant corroborated these claims.

The twins, however, have denied any wrongdoing. They have been released on bail and are currently awaiting a full court hearing.

They are not the first people to run into trouble with the country’s strict justice system.

In Dubai, it is illegal to have alcohol anywhere but on licensed premises.

Another British person, 27-year-old Jamie Harron, also faces a three-year jail sentence for “touching a man’s hip” in a bar.

He reportedly touched the man by accident to avoid spilling his drink, but that didn’t stop him from receiving a 30-day jail sentence.

Speaking about the effect which the incident has had on his life, he said, “I’ve lost my job, I’m in debt now, I may be going to prison and all this for a two-day stopover.”

“It’s just unbelievable. I’m still in shock that it’s actually happened.”

One thing’s for sure – Dubai might be a dream destination for many British people, but when alcohol is added to the mix, it quickly becomes a nightmare.

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