Bride In Tears At Brother’s Surprise For Father-Daughter Dance After Their Dad’s Untimely Death

One of the most heartbreaking things in the world is to experience important life events without your loved ones by your side. This is especially the case on your wedding day, as there are certain family members who have important roles to play on your big day.

It is traditional for the bride to be walked down the aisle by her father and given away to her fiancé, but unfortunately it does not always happen. Brides are also expected to have a customary father-daughter dance to kick off the celebrations afterwards.

Andrea Stockton’s wedding looked like it was going to go according to plan until her father suddenly died from pancreatic cancer just a few months beforehand. Knowing that there would be a void on her special day, her brother Nick stepped in.

In a touching tribute to their father, he recorded himself singing ‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Christian rock singer Bob Carlisle.

“The significance was that our older sister Kristen had actually danced [to ‘Butterfly Kisses’] with dad at her wedding years prior,” Nick explained. “So I had the thought to do something special to kind of fill the void that was going to be there for her special day.”

Andrea’s incredible reaction to Nick’s surprise was recorded, and the footage has subsequently went viral.

“We’re missing someone pretty important this evening that would be obviously here for the dance with his little girl,” Nick announced to the wedding party. “So I decided I wanted to do something special.”

After Nick’s tearful announcement, Andrea immediately teared up herself. Since her dad wasn’t there to dance with her, all of the other important men in her family did it instead, beginning with her grandfather.

She was then joined by her brothers Luke and Nick and her new father-in-law Scott.

The emotional video was uploaded to YouTube, and viewers expressed how much it had effected them in the comments section.

“I cried like a baby,” one wrote. “This video is so touching and was a wonderful special moment for this bride and her family.”

‘This is so beautiful,” another added. “I’m not a very emotional person and I bawled.

“My dad is one of the most important people in my life and right now he has cancer, and to know that one day I might be in the position, or getting married without my daddy there, it just touched me to the core.”

Andrea’s father-daughter dance was filmed by Michael LaFrance who described it as “a truly touching moment” which didn’t leave a “dry eye in the house”.

Speaking about the video’s success, Nick said, “None of us thought it would get this much attention, but we’re all glad it’s touching so many people.”

A year on from Andrea’s wedding, she revealed on the TODAY show that she is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her husband Luke. They are going to call her Natalie. “Little Natalie’s nickname will be Natso,” Luke said, smiling.

We wish Andrew and her husband all the best with their married life, and would like to extend a huge thank you to her brother, Nick, for providing us all with such a beautiful moment.

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