Brendan Fraser Was Spotted In London And You Definitely Wouldn’t Recognize Him Now

Now, you may remember the name Brendan Fraser, in fact, you’ve almost definitely seen one of his movies. He’s the guy who starred as the loincloth-wearing man raised in a jungle, AKA George from George of the Jungle.

But if you never saw that as a kid, you might remember him as the lovable Rick O’Connell in the action franchise The Mummy. Hell, he even appears at the end of the ride in Universal Studios in Orlando!

In fact, so popular was Brendan Fraser, that he even appeared on the television’s favorite hospital sitcom, Scrubs, in what were without a doubt some of it’s best episodes. (But I can’t talk about them too much, because if I even think about them, I’ll cry.)

Still struggling to put a face to the name? Well, that’s because this former Hollywood hunk hasn’t been seen on screen for some time. In fact, just like his character in Scrubs, Fraser’s career sadly died too…

But fear not, because Fraser was recently spotted walking around England’s capital of London this week. The only problem is, if you did see him, you probably wouldn’t recognize that it was him.

Brendan Fraser looked incredibly different as he was captured out and about in London on Wednesday evening. Wearing a pair of glasses and a flat cap, the once-loved and in-demand actor was a far cry from his career-defining role in the 1997 movie George of the Jungle.

But seeing the formerly international popular stars only begs the question; what happened to Brendan Fraser and why don’t you seen him on the big or little screen anymore?

(If you’re wondering why you haven’t been seeing him in the movies recently, check out the video below.)

The 49-year-old former Hollywood star was walking around Soho wearing a very relaxed-looking outfit made up of jeans and a simple black sweater. Fraser was also seen wearing a brown leather jacket and completed his outfit with a pair of brown boots.

Fraser seemed to be on his own as he went for his evening stroll and stopped for a moment to take a look at the street art on a wall in the area. He then went to a Chinese restaurant to get something to eat.

Fraser’s first significant role was in the 1992 movie Encino Man. Later that year he starred in School Ties with Matt Damon and Chris O’Donnell. George of the Jungle was the actor’s first major box office success.

Less than a decade later, he starred in the 2000 comedy Bedazzled with Elizabeth Hurley. In the movie, he was captivated by Hurley’s character, a devil in the form of a sultry and seductive woman.

The Mummy franchise saw him go from a little-known actor to a true star with a promising career ahead of him. In the very adventurous movie, Fraser battles various mythical Egyptian creatures alongside his co-star, Rachel Weisz.

The first movie of the franchise called The Mummy was released in theaters in 1999. Fraser played Rick O’Connell, an American explorer who managed to discover Hamunaptra, the city of the dead.

The Mummy Returns was released two years later in 2001 and both he and Weisz returned as a married couple with a young son who unintentionally triggers a curse.

For the third movie, 2008’s The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, Weisz decided not to reprise her role which was instead played by Maria Bello. 

The producers of the movie intended to release a fourth movie, a role which Bello agreed to reprise. Unfortunately, that movie was never made.

Last year, a reboot, starring Tom Cruise was released but none of the old cast made an appearance and there was a completely new storyline.  The story took place in Iraq and centered around a Navy SEAL and his team who fought against Mummies led by Ashurbanipal.

Some of Fraser’s more dramatic movies include the 1998 movie Gods and Monsters in which Ian McKellen costarred. Fraser also had a role in the critically acclaimed movie Crash, a movie which went on to win Academy Awards in 2004.

However, following his stint in Journey to the Center of the Earth in 2008, it was widely believed that Fraser simply couldn’t drum up audiences anymore. In fact, in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012), Fraser’s leading role was unceremoniously handed to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

But perhaps the biggest nail in Fraser’s metaphorical casket was his divorce to Afton Smith in 2007. After a 14 year marriage and three children together, the couple were involved in an ugly divorce proceeding.

The courts estimated that due to Fraser’s successful career to that point in his life, that he would be able to adequately afford $900,000 a year in alimony and child support. But when Hollywood started to freeze him out, he was forced to request a freeze on payments in 2013, citing that he was simply not earning enough money to keep up.

It is also believed that Fraser has been suffering for many years with an agonizing back injury, which he reportedly sustained whilst trying to clear away yard debris from Hurricane Sandy with a chainsaw.

His injury allegedly required corrective surgery and intense physical therapy rehab, and may be preventing him from being able to do his own stunt work, which he had been doing in prior productions.

It is not yet known whether Fraser was in London working on an upcoming project but it would be great to see something else in the works for everyone’s favorite feral man from the jungle, and finally see this entertaining and talented actor get back on his feet.

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