Boyfriend Hacks Into His Cheating Girlfriend’s Facebook Account and Savagely Exposes Her Lies

When someone’s caught cheating on their partner, there are two options for the victim of the infidelity. Either they can quietly move on with their lives, accepting, presumably, that everyone makes mistakes and resolving to choose a better significant other in the future. Or, they can choose to get their revenge.

Revenge is a seductive notion for those who feel they have been wronged, particularly in the case of a cheating partner whereby the victim feels that the guilty party must surely deserve some repercussion for the deceitful act.

Often, choosing to go down the revenge route is an inadvisable course of action. For one thing, you’re essentially lowering yourself to a level beneath your dignity, while also showing your ex just how much they have hurt you through their actions. Extreme revenge stories have even resulted in arrests and recriminations that surely aren’t worth the moments’ satisfaction one might receive from pursuing such an endeavour.

With the role that social media now plays in our society, though, one spurned lover has found a rather neat way of putting the world on notice about his deceitful ex girlfriend, and it is pretty savage.

When this boyfriend, identified in the Facebook post as Jason, found out that his girlfriend had been unfaithful to him with not one, but two different guys, he devised the ultimate way of exposing her wrongdoing, by gaining access to her Facebook account (an action I cannot condone), and writing a post from her profile telling of her infidelity. Here’s what he wrote;

Time to set the record straight. Before I let Jason take me on a $10,000 vacation, I looked him in the eyes and told him I wanted to marry him and have his children, I should have told him about the TWO men I was sleeping with less than three weeks prior to trip. Instead, I let him take me on the vacation of a lifetime with him in the dark. After returning from Hawaii, I was manipulative enough to convince Jason to buy me a $2,000 Coachella ticket, and pay for our hotel in Indio for the weekend.”

“But money is money. Let me retrace, back to the men I was sleeping with. The first, Zack, is in a committed long term relationship, ENGAGED, soon to be married. I slept with him behind Jason’s back. I spent New Years with him while his fiancĂ© was by herself. I bragged to my friends that I was fucking him all through the night.”

“The other man is David A. I flew to Chicago the day after Jason’s birthday, telling him it was a work trip. In reality I was there to have sex with David and live in my own delusion. I guess karma’s a bitch. Because I am currently sitting in jail for assaulting Jason, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest.”

A quite astonishing tale of deceit and infidelity, which ended up with the guilty party being arrested. Not quite your average Rom-Com storyline, is it?

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