Boy Pees On Elevator Control Panel, But Instantly Regrets It When The Whole Thing Malfunctions

If you had to think about it, it would take only a few seconds for you to recall the stupidest stunt you ever pulled. Why? Because you either pulled it off spectacularly, or it ended in total disaster. For one young boy from China, it was the latter.

For some bizarre reason, the unknown boy decided to pee on the control buttons for the elevator that he was traveling in. Of course, for those accomplished in tomfoolery and vandalism, it was clear that this was always going to end in tears.

Having looked directly into the eye of the security camera, the brazen boy unzipped his fly and sprayed the lift’s buttons. Clearly intent on causing as much chaos as possible, he ensured that even the topmost buttons were liberally doused.

Watch the whole incident and see instant karma being served…

Content with his stunt, the boy then stands back and awaits the doors to open, but they never do. Frantically he than starts to click the emergency button – karma really is a b*tch – but the doors remain firmly sealed.

Just as his panic begins to truly set in, the lights on the freshly damp buttons begin to flash ferociously. Then the lights in the whole elevator begin to dim until they are all completely extinguished. Now the boy is trapped within the lift, as a result of his own peculiar need to pee.

Thankfully, the moment was caught on camera, for without it, it would be hard to believe that anything so farcical could be real.

However, this boy is not the first (and most certainly won’t be the last) vandal to receive a healthy dose of instant karma, but what happened to this next vandal is a lot worse. After smashing the window of a shop, he got two doses of it.

The first dose came in the form of another man who was passing by. He stopped to question the vandal, who was in the process of smashing the window of the shop. When the vandal refused to stop, he pulled out to call his cellphone to call the cops.

Then, just as the vandal had decided the time had come to leave, the unthinkable happened: 

It just goes to show that sometimes the universe will get you back for your misdeeds quicker than you could ever imagine.

Vandals don’t stop to think about how their actions will affect other people. They often attack properties and shops at random, not giving a second thought to how their actions will affect other people and their livelihoods.

But this vandal also got a real surprise from karma when he decided to smash a large potted plant outside someone’s home for literally no reason.

To see how the universe got him back, check out the video below:

So the next time someone does you, or indeed your property, any wrong, take comfort in the knowledge that karma has your back, and if luck’s also on your side, you might get to see the culprit get their comeuppance instantly.

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