Bizarre Footage Of Parking Lot Crash Has Divided The Internet On Who Was Actually In The Wrong

Road rage is an epidemic. In the modern world, we want to get from A to B as fast as possible, and with so many distractions buzzing away in our cars, not to mention the countless ads and signs that litter the roads, it can be easy to lose track of what’s going around you. When I first drove a car, my mom told me that if I treated everyone else on the road like they were insane, I wouldn’t come to much harm.

To put the sheer scale of car accidents into context, around 1.3 million people lose their lives on the road globally each year and a further 20 to 50 million are left injured or disabled. It’s for this very good reason that it’s illegal to drive without insurance. Thankfully, however, the vast majority of car accidents are nowhere near as severe as this, but they can still lead to a hefty financial burden if you’re in the wrong.

That’s why so many people have dash cams installed in their vehicles. If something happens to your car and it’s not your fault, you’ve got bona fide evidence that you’ve done nothing wrong. Or have you? Becuase in some rare instances, this footage can be difficult to analyze.

To see some of the most horrifying accidents ever captured on dash cams, check out the video below:

Case in point, this viral 20-second clip that was posted by former fire and safety officer Mark Warner to the Facebook group Perth’s Worst Drivers.

In an interview with UNILAD, he explained that he recorded the footage during a drop off at a school in Perth, Australia.

Since posting it on July 5, it has gone viral and sparked a debate about whether the driver in the white Ford or the SUV was in the wrong in the near-miss which occurred on April 12 this year. In the clip, the Ford reverses out of a space while the SUV is reverse parks into one.

Because the two vehicles are trying to do the same thing at the same time, there is a collision, and the Ford’s bumper hits the side of the SUV.

However, as the footage below demonstrates, it is difficult to ascertain which driver is in the wrong, or whether it is, in fact, both of them:

Many people believed that the driver of the Ford was at fault because they proceeded to reverse out of their space without giving way.

Others believed that the driver of the SUV was at fault for not choosing to park in one of the empty spaces.

“[I’ve] had similar in carparks a lot lately people have become lazy when reversing instead of looking behind and looking everywhere its just a glance in the mirror then on the gas, [sic]” remarked Mike Anderson on the original post in Perth’s Worst Drivers.

“Sh*thead falcon driver,” remarked Jimmy Dhanoa.

However, he was quickly challenged by Dan Lonsdale who wrote, “[Yeah], but if you look at the first second of the video, the other car was already 100% straight to the bay, how long were they trying to line that up before hand [sic]. So probably not the entire fault of the guy in the ford?”

Thankfully, some people thought there was nothing to argue about and simply concluded that both drivers were wrong.

“50/50 both clowns… they should open a circus!” wrote Wayneo Worrallo.

But this didn’t stop him from also being challenged by Braydon Ricetti who stuck up for the driver of the write car, “How is the Honda a clown for trying to park? The only clown is the AU driver. Who the hell full locks their wheels before they even start moving?”

Braydon wasn’t the only person who was convinced that the black car was in the wrong, either.

“[AU] driver is a d*ckhead,” wrote John Hazell before deciding that it wasn’t worth throwing his ten cents into the argument. “He’s crossing into… ya know what I can’t be f*cked. There’ll be a handful of people that will say its [sic] the black car’s fault. F*ck it.”

“The AU went out of its bay and into the black cars [sic] bay. It’s 100% at fault,” continued Braydon.

Because it was not a clear-cut case 0f right and wrong, some people believed that the insurance companies will simply blame both drivers.

“I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the insurance companies tried to go 50/50 to be honest. Both could’ve possibly stopped and could’ve possibly been more observant to other vehicles moving. Reversing to insurance companies is a whole new kettle of fish.

Not necessarily the case her but People [sic] hardly look around when reversing… and 100% rely on cameras and sensors instead. Sometimes it’s just an accident waiting to happen,” wrote Philip Honey.

One thing’s for sure, this is a startling reminder of just how easily things can go wrong when you’re driving a vehicle and putting this comical argument to the side for the moment, let’s all be grateful for the fact that no one was injured as a result of the incident.

So, whose side are you on?

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