Bill Nye Schools Tucker Carlson On Climate Change, Who Proceeds To Lose His Sh*t

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is the go-to guy for any scientific questions we have. He’s a guiding light for many when it comes to understanding tricky scientific theories like why the heck global warming is speeding up faster than anyone could’ve predicted. He’s also the CEO of The Planetary Society, so I reckon he’s a pretty smart guy to pay attention to.

Climate change is a contentious topic, however. Recently, Donald Trump wiped all pages related to the environment from the White House website. Trump has also claimed in the past that China created global warming as a hoax. Furthermore, climate change denial has seen a huge spike in recent years, with nearly $120 million being donated to more than 100 organisations seeking to undermine the public perception of the science on climate change from 2002 to 2010.

Bill Nye has now released a new statement regarding climate deniers, and believes that those who deny the existence of climate change suffer from cognitive dissonance. TV personality Tucker Carlson spoke to Nye on Tucker Carlson Tonight following a Facebook Live conversation between Nye and Senator Bernie Sanders. Carlson’s reaction was acidic to say the least, with the TV anchor claiming that “I am open-minded and you are not”.

The heated exchange took place on Monday 27 February, and saw the scientist and TV host spar on a variety of climate questions. Tucker claimed that Nye was doing “a great disservice to science” and claimed that Nye was a “populiser”. It is evident that Bill Nye is increasingly frustrated with the questions posed by Carlson Tucker.

Throughout the interview, Carlson was supporting the stance of the climate change denier, and stated that: “I am utterly open to the possibility that the change is caused by man’s activity. I am merely calling into question your claim that all of this is settled – that we know precisely what is happening and why and that anyone who asks pointed questions about it is a denier and ought to be imprisoned or shouted off the stage.”

This argument became very personal, very quickly. I can’t imagine these two will want to discuss climate change again any time soon. There are always going to be some issues which can never be resolved, but I don’t think this conversation between Tucker Carlson and Bill Nye has moved any closer to a conclusion.

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