19 Before And After Photos That Prove That Hard Work Really Does Pay Off

Thanks to apps like Instagram, the world has reassessed the way in which they approach their health. Now, a fit physique is the latest trend.

But obtaining a toned torso and thick thighs isn’t as easy as Instagram influencers make it look. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to transform a body.

With the summer fast approaching and the race for a bikini body firmly set, here are some inspirational examples of how hard work can reap some serious rewards…

1. Going, going, BOOM!

As this girl’s body transforms, so does her butt’s ability to eat her bikini bottoms!

2. A different kind of six-pack

It takes a great deal of commitment to transform your body like this, but swapping the six-pack of beer for a trip to the gym is a good way to start!

3. Fighting fit

She looked gorgeous before, but she is practically glowing now!

4. She got a good upgrade…on her phone that is!

You can tell by this woman’s pose alone that she is extremely satisfied with herself, and so she should be! Although, she did look beautiful before!

Talking of dramatic transformations, here some of the bulkiest actors in Hollywood describe their workout routines…

5. Beach body ready

The idea of getting topless at the beach is one that terrifies most people, but this guy isn’t scared! Thankfully, his choice of swimwear has improved as well as his physique!

6.We’ll drink to that!

I’d be raising a lot more than one glass if I had managed to transform my booty like this!

7. Oh, body!

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you leave the fraternity house – bye bye beer, hello hot body!

8. This is a mindblowing transformation!

Well, this is a seriously intense game of spot the difference! She must have worked incredibly hard to achieve such a sensational transformation!

9. Pretty in pink

Of course, as this woman proves you can be happy and look fabulous no matter your size. At the end of the day, it isn’t about the size of your waist but the size of your smile!

10. Werk that bikini

All these two photos prove is that this woman has an impeccable taste for fancy holidays! I am more jealous of that pool than I am her incredible transformation!

11. Build a body

Body transformations aren’t exclusively about losing weight, they can also revolve around gaining. Even those in peak physical condition wish for more!

12. Ice-SCREAM

There is no denying that this woman looks very happy with her ice-cream, and why shouldn’t she be? But then again, we bet she’s equally as happy with her new body!

13. Who’s that girl?

This girl may have lost some weight, but she didn’t lose her enthusiasm for mirror selfies!

14. We support this one!

Can you spot the difference? Her smile is certainly the same, but there is definitely something a little different here…

15. Bulk it up!

Again, it doesn’t matter how enviable your body is because it can always be improved if you have the motivation!

16. Why can’t this happen to me?

It’s incredible what an Instagram filter can do!

17. Baby got back

If you want sculpted shoulders like this then you’ll need to dedicate a great deal of time to working out – but I think i’d rather be eating!

18. Muscle man

This guy didn’t just transform his body in the gym, as it looks like he hit the tattoo parlor pretty hard too!

19. Gorgeous girl

They say that blondes have more fun, but her hair color isn’t the only things she’s changed.

All of these people are exactly the inspiration I needed to get my ass back in the gym! It just proves that hard work really does pay off!

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