Entire Bachelorette Party Die In Tragic Plane Crash

Every single day, us humans – or at least those of us who live in relative privilege – worry about things that really aren’t worth stressing about. Whether we fret over one bad grade at college or an argument we had with a friendon a night out, we neglect to realize that in the grand scheme of things, none of this really matters.

It’s only when something genuinely tragic happens that we can really put things into perspective. Because when it comes down to it, the most unsettling thing about being alive is having to contend with the fact that we will one day be dead.

Watch this inspirational Ted talk about how to deal with a tragic and sudden loss:

Tragic accidents are just that: accidents – they can happen within the blink of an eye, at any time and any place. Death has no mercy on its victims.

You could be the happiest person alive, only to have your life taken from you unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, this was the fate that one bride-to-be and some of her closest friends suffered on Sunday.

They were tragically killed after a private plane, carrying the entire group, crashed on their return from a bachelorette party in Dubai.

Twenty-eight-year-old Mina Basaran was a businesswoman from Turkey and was celebrating her upcoming wedding to Murat Gezer when the plane suddenly burst into flames, before crashing in the Zagros Mountains outside the Iranian city of Shahr-e Kord.

Before her sudden death, Basaran worked for her father’s company, Basaran Holdings. Her father runs many successful businesses and owns a number of luxury apartments in Istanbul which he named “Mina Towers” after his daughter.

The flight started off from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and was supposed to land back in Istanbul, but the plane crash meant that every single passenger and crew member onboard the flight died instantly, leading to a death toll of eleven.

The plane reached an altitude of just over 35,000 feet and just about an hour later, it rapidly began gaining altitude, dropping suddenly just minutes later. The tragedy was confirmed earlier today by the authorities.

The day before it occurred, Basaran posted a photo of herself and her bridesmaids celebrating her impending nuptials.

In the picture, Basaran was clad in a white dressing gown while her seven bridesmaids wore matching pink dressing gowns.

The future bride was also snapped inside the plane wearing a denim jacket with the words ‘Mrs Bride’ and ‘better together’ on it. She was also pictured carrying several heart-shaped balloons and a bouquet of flowers.

The last few videos posted on her Instagram page were of her and her friends at a Rita Ora concert in a nightclub in Dubai.

The flight took off at 17:16 local time and went off the radar screen at 15:30 GMT according to a statement from the state WAM news agency.

The Daily Mail reports that the young businesswoman spent the past few days partying in the United Arab Emirates with seven friends.

Just two days ago, Basaran shared a picture of herself in front of the private plane, which is thought to be owned by her father, Huseyin Basaran.

Eight of the passengers onboard the plane have been identified as Turkish nationals and two have been identified as Spanish nationals.

Zeynep Coşkun, Ayşe And, Burcu Urfalı, Aslı İzmirli, Liana Hananel, Jasmin Baruh and Sinem Akay were all guests on the private plane during the fatal plane crash.

Although the statement by the authorities did not reveal the nationality of the three crew members, we know now that they were all women.

Mojtaba Khaledi, a spokesman for Iran’s emergency management organization, said the destroyed plane was found by some local villagers.

Initially, it was being reported that the crash had occurred due to bad weather conditions and heavy rain.

The authorities sent two helicopters to the site of the crash in order “to search for the plane’s debris and bodies”.

According to Khaledi, they “found only badly burned bodies and no survivors.”  He also said DNA tests were needed to identify every passenger on board.

We can only express our sincerest condolences to the families of all the women who died onboard the plane. It is especially tragic considering it happened during a time we can only assume was a happy one for Basaran and her friends.

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