Baby Girl Born With Brain Outside Her Skull Is Declared A “Little Miracle”

"I was told my daughter would die within 20 minutes," Mccusker said of Karlie's condition. "I was heartbroken and although she had part of her brain outside of her skull, she looked perfect."

"But she refused to give up, and we knew she was strong enough to pull through despite everything we were told by doctors."

"After being discharged from hospital, we went home with Karlie and used bottles of sterile water at room temperature and cotton swabs to wipe away the brain fluid leaking from her skull."

"We had been told Karlie would die in the next few days, but she defied everyone, and once we got a second opinion four weeks later, she had the operation she desperately needed," the toddler's mother continued.

While pregnant, Mccusker was told that her baby would be born with deformities, but no one anticipated her being born with her brain outside her skull.

"During my pregnancy, I was told at my 20-week scan there was something abnormal on her head, but we had no idea what it was until she was born," the 24-year-old said.


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