Researchers Have Discovered An Astonishing 3,000-Year-Old Castle Hidden In A Turkish Lake

Archaeologists are constantly striving to make discoveries which allow historians to broaden what they know in a particular field of research. Their discoveries allow researchers to vastly improve their knowledge of past cultures and civilizations. It’s very impressive stuff.

And sometimes these archaeologists make important and trailblazing discoveries in lakes and seas. Discoveries that really get the ball rolling in terms of finding out about the kind of lives people were leading in a certain era.

Outside the realm of history and archaeology, stories of ancient castles hidden underwater are popular in legends and folklore that have existed for hundreds of years.

However, it appears that archaeologists have now found an actual, bona fide underwater castle hidden deep within a vast lake.

The team of Turkish researchers, divers, and archaeologists responsible for the discovery found the ruins of the mysterious castle at the bottom of Lake Van in Turkey’s eastern Van Province.

“Studies were done on the underwater portion of the historic Urartian castle in our city, revealing it to be nearly 3,000 years old,” the Adilcevaz District governor Arif Karaman explained.

Yes, the castle is a whopping 3,000 years old and has been sitting underwater for decades!

Tahsin Ceylan who led the ambitious project explained that his team was actually searching for evidence for the legendary Lake Van monster.

Ceylan and his team did not find the monster, and initially, it seemed far from promising that the researchers would make any form of groundbreaking discovery.

“There was a rumor that there might be something under the water but most archaeologists and museum officials told us that we won’t find anything,” Ceylan explained to the Daily Sabah.

The ancient fortress is thought to stem from the Urartu civilization which existed during the Iron Age. The Urartu civilization, also known as the Kingdom of Van, was at its most influential during the 9th and 6th centuries BC.

The water levels of Lake Van have changed drastically over thousands of years so it could well have been the home of ancient peoples back when it was shallower.

“Many civilizations and people had settled around Lake Van,” Ceylan told Hurriyet Daily News. “They named the lake the ‘upper sea’ and believed it had many mysterious things. With this belief in mind, we are working to reveal the lake’s ‘secrets’.”

Astonishingly, the ancient castle is far from the only discovery that researchers have made in the Turkish lake. Just last year, 1.5 square miles worth of stalagmites and ancient gravestones were found. And earlier this year, researchers discovered a Russian ship which they believe sunk back in 1948.

Of course, the underwater discovery that archaeologists are mostly patting themselves on the back for is the 3,000-year-old castle.

“It is a miracle to find this castle underwater. Archaeologists will come here to examine the castle’s history and provide information on it,” Ceylan said.

Uncovering the ancient castle has been pretty groundbreaking for the archaeologists and has provided them with a brand new basis for research.

“We now believe we have discovered a new area for archaeologists and historians to study,” Ceylan added

Yes, it’s undeniably impressive that these ancient ruins have been found but here’s hoping the team who made the discovery will be able to find some major clues as to how the people from the Urartu civilization were living.

Of course, impressive underwater discoveries have been made since the dawn of time. Despite having believed to have been a myth, archaeologists claim they have found the Lost City of Atlantis. Check out this video and decide if you think they really did discover the real thing:

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