Armpit Tattoos Are the Bizarre New Trend Hitting Instagram

So, what are the benefits of inking your pits?

If you are concerned about having a tattoo in your workplace, getting a reasonably small tattoo on your armpit may be a good way to hide the ink. This is not foolproof, however, as any tank-top days would consist of you constantly keeping your arms at your sides, leading your coworkers to believe that you are either a robot or just an oddly stiff person. Anything for that strong armpit game, though, right?

The downsides, of course, have to do with pain. While the artistry is beautiful, there does unfortunately appear to be a consensus that it is quite an unpleasant experience to undergo. On top of that, once you've gotten through the process of getting the tattoo, you then have to deal with letting it heal in possibly the least heal-able spot on the human body. In the winter, your armpits are rarely exposed to air, and in the summer, your armpits are typically sweating like crazy... neither of which are good conditions for skin to recover in.

While this does appear to be 'trending' at the moment, there's no telling how much longer it will go on. It may fade from the high regards of the general public, but perhaps it will maintain a solid presence among people who frequently expose their armpits to the world. Professional volleyball players, graffiti artists, window cleaners, and ceiling painters alike all may want to add a little flare to the part of their body they showcase all day. Regardless, if this trend truly does take off, formerly mundane high fives are certainly about to get a lot more interesting.

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