Armpit Tattoos Are the Bizarre New Trend Hitting Instagram

Tattoo trends come and go... which is amusingly antithetical to the very nature of tattoos, which, as we all know, are quite permanent. The ink community often looks to Instagram for a glimpse at the latest tattoo craze, and this time around, we're not quite sure what to think of this one.

Do you ever find yourself wishing that the sweatiest and potentially least attractive part of your body had a bit more to offer? A little pizzazz? Well then maybe this newest fad, the armpit tattoo, is for you.

OK, so right off the bat we're probably all thinking the same thing... is there any way that's not aggressively painful? Or ticklish? Or both? Seeing as one's natural reaction to being tickled in the armpits is to jolt furiously in any which direction that the tickler is not... this seems like it has the potential to go horribly wrong.

One wrong move, and you've got a messy line of ink going from the center of your pit to your back.

This potential mishap, which would honestly have my heart racing the moment I walked into the tattoo parlor, clearly does not bother many people. The trend has clung to Instagram, with the hashtag #armpittattoo attracting over 7,000 new posts since its inception. We have a lot of questions/concerns, but the end products are actually quite amazing: 


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