Are You A Big Kid? Well Now You Can Furnish Your Home With Giant Lego Bricks

If you were anything like me as a child, then you were obsessed with LEGO. Those little bricks gave me hours of fun and frolics, building and creating everything my amazing imagination could come up with. Now I'm older though, I feel like I've lost a little slice of that nativity and joy that made me so happy as a child.

Thankfully though, designer Arnon Rosan has answered our prayers and introduced EverBlock — life-size polypropylene bricks that snap together easily. Basically an adult version of those iconic LEGO sets you prized as a child, Rosan has created a set that you can build furniture, walls and larger structures with to decorate your home.




The blocks come in three sizes: quarter (3 inches), half (6 inches), and full (12 inches) - convenient for those of you who are thinking up something pretty creative. But they are not just boring old blocks, oh no. You can string LED lights through the bricks to add another lighting dimension to your front room or dining table.


With the possibilities literally endless, don't worry about heading to IKEA for your furniture needs. Just get creative and build your own furniture out of EverBlocks. The best part? If you get bored of one arrangement, you can just tear it down and build something totally different.




Check out EverBlock online, and follow their Twitter feed @EverBlock. You can also follow the designer himself @ArnonRosan.

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