Are These Trainers The New “Dress”? Internet Goes Into Meltdown As People See Different Colors

Let's flashback to February 2015, when 'The Dress' threatened to implode the internet. Over two years later, the world has still not fully recovered from the viral phenomenon. So, people weren't ready when another mind-bending image surfaced online this week. Here we go again...

The world was firmly divided by "The Dress", with the population split between 'Team White and Gold' and 'Team Blue and Black'. It was eventually confirmed that the dress, made by Roman Originals, was blue and black, despite the fact that over two thirds of those who saw the image thought that the dress was white and gold.

The £50 dress sold out within 30 minutes after going viral, as people clamored to get their hands on the most famous dress in the world since the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The mass confusion even prompted scientists to investigate the mystery behind the viral image. They established that the color you see is a result of how the human brain perceives color and highly dependent on the device you view the image on, and your surroundings.

For many the scientific explanation didn't help quell the confusion and as a result, the legend of 'The Dress' lives on today. However, it is now being eclipsed by another mind-bending phenomenon.

If you have only just recovered from truth about 'The Dress', then you are not ready for the next wave of confusion which now comes in the form of a basic trainer...


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