Apparently This Shows A UFO Dropping Off An Alien In Saudi Arabia

It is an age-old question: do aliens exist? Some say it is obvious that we are not alone and we are naive to think otherwise, whilst others scorn the very idea. I guess there is no real way to know for certain if there is extra-terrestrial life kicking around out there, that is until we are contacted.

That’s where the contents of this article come in. There has been ANOTHER haunting report that the aliens have landed. Well, one alien to be precise.


Flick over to the next page to watch the latest ‘real’ UFO sighting to sweep the internet. You’ve got to see it to believe it (or not as the case may be).

With mysterious sightings becoming a reoccurring feature on the internet, even the serious sceptics are now left scratching their heads. Could this footage filmed in Saudi Arabia signal alien surveillance? Is it a UFO? Is it CGI? Is it a load of cr*p? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

As with all videos of this kind, the validity of the clip is highly questionable. But you never know ladies and gents, little green men could be about to infiltrate the planet, so I’d have your wits about you. If this has whet your appetite for further alien-related news, flick over to the next page to see one come to life.

We have artist Sandor Vamos to thank for the cool video below. He is able to create impressive 3D drawings that come to life when looked at from certain angles, using only pens and a sheet of paper.

If you looked up ‘impressive’ in the dictionary, I am pretty sure you’d find the clip above lingering in the definition section. Furthermore, if you looked up ‘bogus’, you’d probably find the video on page two.

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