Anonymous Hacked Into Isis’ Account Again and Made it Gloriously Gay

Anonymous have been pretty busy of late. Earlier this year, it was reported that an absolutely vast amount of child pornography has been removed from the dark web by an anonymous hacker. It was estimated at the time that the material removed amounts to roughly one fifth of the totality of the dark web, which was hosting a considerable amount of child pornography sites.

The hacker, associated with Anonymous, successfully shut down more than 10,000 websites on the darknet by targeting Freedom Hosting II, which claims to have a zero tolerance policy to child pornography.“We are disappointed” wrote the hacker in a message on the breached website, “We found while searching that your server is more than 50 per cent child porn.” they said, “Moreover you host many scam sites, some of which are evidently run by yourself to cover hosting expenses.”

Following on from that success story, though, came a rather more bleak story, courtesy of the online hacking group. A recent video released by Anonymous warned that political tensions on the Korean peninsula are conspiring against us all and could well culminate in a third World War. A computerised voice and figure (garbed in the organisation’s trademark Guy Fawkes mask) tells of the strategies that countries with a vested interest in the escalating militarised rhetoric between North Korea and the United States have been adopting, in anticipation of a potentially disastrous conflict.

Not to be slowed down after a notably active start to 2017, Anonymous has struck again, hacking ISIS and flooding various social media streams with gay pornography.


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