If You Hate The Sound Of People Chewing, Then You’re Probably A Genius

Do you get unfathomably angry at the sound of people doing the following: Drinking, chewing, crunching, gulping, nail-biting, slurping, swallowing, clicking, breathing, sniffling, wheezing, whistling, finger tapping... the list goes on.

For some people reading this, those words alone are enough to get their blood boiling. If you're like me and you are one of these unfortunate souls, then I have news for you; you're suffering from a condition called Misophonia.

The literal definition of misophonia is the hatred of sound. But sufferers don't simply despise everything they hear, there are particular triggers that will send people into an almost uncontrollable rage.

Sufferers will know that as soon as they hear one of their trigger sounds, it is impossible to filter it out. You become fixated on it and have an overwhelming urge to tell the perpetrator to stop immediately.

Do you suffer from the condition? If yes, then it could actually mean you're a genius.


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