Angelina Jolie Cannot Hide Her Discomfort As Jennifer Anniston Delivers Speech At Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globes was always destined to be an interesting affair. As the first major award ceremony of the year, the star-studded event was guaranteed to see its format challenged by the infinite string of sexual harassment allegations that had plagued the industry over the past six months.

As stars paraded down the red carpet in black gowns and dark-hued suits in protest of the inappropriate culture which has long permeated the Hollywood air, there was another situation subtly stirring – one that would have been the talk of the night had the #MeToo campaign not have stolen the spotlight.

While all eyes may have been on Oprah during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award for Outstanding Contributions to the World of Entertainment, all eyes were firmly on Angelina Jolie when Friends icon, Jennifer Anniston took to the stage to present an award.

Even the cameras couldn’t help but focus on Jolie, as Anniston, along with Carol Burnett, announced the winner for Best Actress in a Television Series (Musical or Comedy). The two actresses have a famously fraught history after Jolie effectively stole Anniston’s husband, Brad Pitt.

Back in 2005, Jolie was cited as the cause when Anniston filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after five years of marriage. Jolie and Pitt had featured together in the hit film Mr. & Mrs. Smith and while the on-screen chemistry was potent between the two, nobody assumed it was genuine.

That was until a few weeks later when the pair featured together in a romantic photo shoot for W magazine seemingly confirming their relationship status.

The world instantly divided itself into #TeamAng and #TeamJen – the latter of which being the most popular, especially considering that this wasn’t the first time Jolie had been responsible for breaking a couple apart – and the media hype that surrounded the newly formed Brangelina was incessant.

Understandably, the two women tried to avoid running into each other at every opportunity – something of a challenge for two of the most in-demand women in the industry – and every time they did happen to share a room, the press were keen to see if they interacted or acknowledged one another.

Over a decade later, with Anniston having moved on and married again and Jolie having split rather messily with Pitt, the interest in the two women’s communication is still popular culture gold dust. So when it was confirmed that both women would be in attendance at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, both presenting awards, people couldn’t wait to see if the duo would let bygones be bygones.

It appears not. A public encounter between the two was thwarted by Anniston who opted not to walk the red carpet at the event, and later in live footage recorded from the night, Jolie was caught awkwardly looking away as a radiant Anniston stood on stage.

In fact, the tension was so palpable that even Dakota Johnson couldn’t resist taking a sneak peek at the sex symbol’s face across the table.

But, the awkward atmosphere wouldn’t end there for Jolie. She also had to endure an acceptance speech from Laura Dern, whom she famously stole her second husband Billy Bob Thornton from in the ’90s.

The year before that Jolie also had to deal with Billy Bob Thornton himself accepting an award at the ceremony, and walking inches past her chair en route to the stage. Evidently, the Golden Globes are not a happy place for the Tomb Raider actress. Thankfully she was spared bumping into Pitt this year – but, next year she might not be so lucky!

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