An Eye-Opening Look In To What Albinos Of Different Races Look Like

Albinism is a genetic condition in which people do not inherit the usual skin pigmentation from their parents. Their bodies do not produce the normal amount of melanin, a chemical which determines people’s eye, skin and hair colors. Generally, this means that people with albinism tend to have extremely pale skin, hair, and eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, albino people are not just born to black parents, and indeed come from a whole range of different backgrounds. There are Asian albinos, white albinos and, well, albinos from all over the world. Here are just some of them:

1. Maschall from Germany

Maschall is a model from Germany and while his appearance may have been less of a contrast compared to that between a black albino child and his or her parents, it still set him apart from most of the people around him.

2. An albino child of East Asian descent

Aside from a deficiency in skin pigment, those with albinism also experience a number of problems with their eyesight. Their eyes tend to be more sensitive to bright lights and they tend to have exotropia also known as a “lazy eye”.

3. Diandra Forrest from the USA

Diandra Forrest is an African-American model and actress who believes it is important to speak out on issues surrounding albinism. “I realized I had albinism at the age of nine. I grew up in a family of five children, in which only my younger brother and I had the condition. As a child, I often felt out of place,” she shared on

“I had neighborhood friends who asked my older brother if I was adopted. In school, or even on the train with my mum, there would be parents, adults, who stared at my brother and me and laughed at us. I didn’t understand why.”

4. David Guerrero from Colombia

David is the first (self-proclaimed) Colombian model with Albinism.

Take a look at the scientific explanation behind the development of albinism:

5. An albino child from the USA

She feels like a princess when hair is done up in bunches.

6. A toddler with albinism

A pure and simple photo of a child who is fundamentally no different from any other kid.

7. Chihiro from Japan

Having grown up in Japan with naturally pale hair, Chihiro stood out amongst her peers who all had jet black hair. However, it was her unique look that had modeling agencies practically begging to sign her.

8. A strikingly fierce model with albinism

This black albino model happens to have brown eyes, however, many other black albino people have eye colors that are not typical of their racial background. For example, there are many albino people green, blue and hazel eyes.

9. Azfar Firdaus from Malaysia

This aspiring model recently graduated with a degree in science. He’s an impressive mixture of talented and handsome.

10. Nariyana from Sakha Republic, Russia

While the other kids Nariyana grew up with also had platinum blond hair when they were very little, theirs had gradually begun to grow darker. Nariyana’s hair has remained very pale, simply because of her lack of pigmentation.

11. A man from Venezuela

Unfortunately, a lack of skin pigmentation can make albino people more susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer which is why wearing protective gear such as sunscreen his highly important.

12. A young girl from Europe

Albinism Europe is a network of European associations of people with albinism. It exists primarily to unite people with albinism so that they can benefit from having a network of support.

13. Shaun Ross

Shaun Ross is a model and musician with a very 90s-inspired look. He has been featured in numerous fashion magazines such as British GQ, Italian Vogue and i-D Magazine.

14. Different skin colors don’t divide us, only ignorance divides us

This photo shows us just how natural it is for us to bond and connect with people with an entirely different skin color.

15. A model as striking as any other

It is unknown where this particular this model comes from, however, we can safely assume that having entirely pale features set her apart from other kids her age when she was growing up. But beauty comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

16. Yulffi White from Spain

This Spanish model grew up in a family who had naturally dark hair and tanned easily. Of course, they didn’t love him any less because he happened to look a little different.

17. Louise from the USA

Louise’s parents set up a website where they sell clothing promoting the message that “Albinism Is Beautiful. Here’s what they had to say about their little girl:

“Louise is a beautiful little two-year-old girl who has Albinism. Our mission is to inspire, provide hope and spread awareness about Albinism to anyone and everyone. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to different charities benefiting Albinism. All items can be custom made to fit your needs. Just let me know what you want and I can most likely make it for you. Or, you can edit yourself! Happy shopping!”

18. Another albino person of East Asian descent

This is a WING Photography engagement photo – congratulations to the happy couple!

19. Beauty has no color

The white background in the photo highlights just how pale (and beautiful) this model’s skin is.

20. Man from Nairobi, Kenya

He never grew up thinking he was bizarre or strange, just that he was different.

21. Joe Winscom

Joe Winscom is an up-and-coming model with a promising career ahead of him.

22. Ruby Vizcarra from Mexico

Ruby Vizcarra loves herself for who she is. She believes life is too short to have insecurities about her overall look and her body.

So there you have it: albino people are not limited to one racial group, culture or nationality. They exist in every corner of the world, and each and every one of them is beautiful and special.

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