American Man Claims He Is The Rightful King Of Great Britain

Although the concept of a monarchy is one that's slowly dying out in Western society, the media coverage that follows the travails of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, as well as the younger princes Harry and William as they go about their lives ruling Great Britain is a fascinating pastime. The modern British political structure renders the House of Windsor as little more than a relic, but I can't imagine Great Britain without a Royal Family, nor can I imagine anybody else hanging out in Buckingham Palace.

The current line of monarchs have ruled over Great Britain since the early 20th Century, but throughout history, the battle for the British throne has been as varied and violent as the battle for the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones In the 21st century. You'd expect all the jostling for the crown, however, to be over, but Allan Evans, a man from Colorado in the United States, has taken out an ad in the London Times, and he's set his sights on Queen Elizabeth's throne.


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