Air Hostess Busted Smuggling $500,000 In Her Luggage

In the modern world, the closest the majority of us will ever get to going undercover is stalking an ex on social media. We’ve all been there – carefully scrolling through their timeline, sweating, aware that were are just one accidental ‘Like’ away from being exposed.

But one Jet Airways hostess recently took going undercover to a whole new level and tried to smuggle a colossal $500,000.

Terrorist incidents have increased security measures at airports. Our bags are carefully scanned and analyzed before we even board the plane. However, it is entirely possible that those who work on aircrafts are subject to less stringent security checks.

Or, as was the case for 25-year-old Devshi Kulshreshta, they know how to bypass these checks.

As an airport employee in touch with some very unscrupulous people, she learned that could get cash onto a plane undetected by wrapping it in silver foil.

It’s often said that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry and that was certainly the case for Kulshreshta who, thanks to a security tip-off, was busted smuggling the $500,000 onboard a flight that was flying from Delhi for Hong Kong on Monday.

Kulshreshta had allegedly been working with Amit Malhotra, a man known for smuggling currency from drug dealers in New Delhi.

They had met while she was working onboard a flight to India at some point last year. Malhotra offered to pay Kulshreshta to smuggle drug dealers’ cash out of New Delhi to India – where it would be used to buy gold that would be sent back to the dealers.

“The money was being used for purchasing gold abroad. The gold would then be sent to India illegally,” an official said.

The 25-year-old was busted by a member of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. Kulshreshta had hidden 32 bundles of foil-wrapped notes in her check-in luggage and a further 16 in her hand luggage, NDTV reported.

“She had already boarded the plane,” an official said. “Passengers were about to board. After we received [the] information, we first stopped boarding and then checked her hand baggage and recovered [the] cash.”

Check out the moment she was busted with $500,000 in the video below:

Having met Malhotra last year, this was not the first time that Kulshreshta had used her job to smuggle large amounts of cash. However, Kulshreshta, pictured below after she was caught, is not the only Jet Airways’ staff who is suspected of being involved in smuggling.

As a result, the security personnel who allowed her to take her luggage onto the plane are now under investigation.

“We need to figure if this was a case of a lapse or collusion,” an official said.

It is not yet known what repercussions Kulshreshta will face for her actions, however, if what happened to a British woman who tried to smuggle liquid cocaine into Australia in a lava lamp is anything to go by, they will be severe.

Twenty-two-year-old Ishrat Habib from Birmingham, England, was searched by security officers when she arrived in Sydney. It was then that a lava lamp containing 1.5 liters of liquid cocaine was discovered.

A police statement revealed that it had triggered a response from a customs dog.

“No matter the concealment method or entry point, our officers are alert to those who attempt to breach our border,” Demetrio Veteri, an Australian customs official, said.

People who smuggle marketable quantities of a controlled drug like cocaine face a possible jail sentence of up to 25 years. Habib, however, was only jailed for five years because she had cooperated with authorities and had no prior offenses.

“This detection sends a clear message that law enforcement agencies are committed to working together to stop drugs from entering Australia, despite the concealment methods used to evade detection,” Australian Federal Police officer, Jennifer Hurst, said.

Well, they do say that you shouldn’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burnt!

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