After 20 Female Students Were Sent Home For ‘Sexist’ Dress Code, Guys Decided To Strike Back

I went to an all girls high school where every student had to wear a uniform. We were made to wear a mint green blouse and a navy blue V-neck sweater. Oh and we also wore a kilt too. The uniform policy at my school was pretty strict. We were weren't even allowed to wear scrunchies unless they were black, blue or green!

I didn't mind wearing a uniform, but there were a few girls at my school who hated it. If they had the option, they'd have customized their uniforms to inject some personality into them. But they never dared to do more than make their skirts look shorter for fear of being sent home from school.

However, it seems that sending girls home for the way they are dressed is common practice these days, even if they are doing nothing more than simply baring a shoulder or two. In fact, some students from San Benito High School in Hollister, California were kicked out on their first day for doing just that.

On August 14, 2017, over 20 female students were sent home after their first day of school outfits were deemed inappropriate by school administrators. Not only did the girls feel humiliated at being singled out of 3,000 students to be sent home, they were also very angry at what they perceived as unfair treatment. And it wasn't just the female students who felt an injustice had been done, the boys were also enraged.

These are some of the students who were sent home in their ''inappropriate'' outfits.

This male San Benito student certainly wasn't happy with the decision, and he tweeted this in support of the girls:

''My sister, along with 20 other girls, got SENT home for showing their SHOULDERS #sexist #letgirlslearn''

Imagine being sent home on your first day of school for dressing inappropriately when you were wearing nothing more than everyday clothing! It was an outrageous decision to bar the students from lessons simply because their shoulders were visible.

However, some of the male students at the school thought up an ingenious plan to highlight the idiocy and hypocrisy behind this rule.


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