Abandoned Cabin Hidden In The Woods Leaves Ranger Spooked…

It's not every day that you stumble across a fully equipped cabin home hiding in the middle of the forest. But as no one had ventured that far into the Arcata Community Forest in California for quite some time, there's no surprise that this cabin could have been hidden here for a substantial amount of time.

But when the Environmental Services Director, Mark Andre (who hadn't been to the forest for 30 years) decided it was time to visit, he spotted the concealed cabin that had been hidden behind the trees amongst the thick greenery. What he found inside shocked him...

20. The Mysterious Cabin

The cabin was so well hidden amongst the woods that it had gone unnoticed for years. It was unclear how long the cabin had been there for, but it seemed so well hidden that it could have been there for decades. What was even weirder, was how nobody had even managed to spot the cabin during its time in the woods.

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