A Map Of The World According To Who Every Country Thinks Is The Most Dangerous May Surprise You

The world is a dangerous place, or at least it feels like it thanks to the effective scaremongering tactics seen in the mainstream media. Plus, with the amount of fake news and alternative facts that Trump’s Administration are discussing, it’s hard to know what’s happened with each country.

It seems that for every ally, there must be an enemy. Global politics is a tricky thing to navigate, and even a brief phone call with the wrong person can sever the ties between two countries. It’s not just the governments who have opinions on the countries that raise concerns.

A poll was carried out by WIN/Gallup International to learn about the countries which are seen as most dangerous from the perspective of citizens. They asked people from over 65 different nations in order to gain a snapshot of the world’s fears in regards to international relations.

The data, which was collected in 2013, highlights the differing opinions of the most dangerous country. It is important to note that this data was collected before Donald Trump’s presidency, which has left many countries concerned about the future of global politics.

The map, created by Redditor loulan, highlights the countries that people are most afraid of. As you can see, the United States and Great Britain are most fearful of Iran. On the other hand, many countries such as Russia, China, Australia, and many South American countries deem the United States to be the most dangerous. The US received 24% of the vote, followed by Pakistan with 8% of the vote. Respondents in Russia (54%), China (49%) and Bosnia (49%) were the most fearful of the US as a threat.

It is undeniable that the US is a very powerful country. However, it is interesting to see the number of countries that see this power as something to be feared. Bearing in mind that this data is from 2013, it¬†seems that it isn’t President Trump alone that is causing citizens of the world the odd sleepless night…

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