A Guy On Craigslist Is Looking For A Woman To Impregnate During The Solar Eclipse

Dating is hard. If we weren't so dependent on connection or if the survival of the human race didn't depend on us getting together and starting families, I'm sure we would've given up on it a long time ago. For quite a few of us nowadays, finding that special someone to cuddle up with at night comes by way of Tinder or other dating apps. We can also go out to bars and clubs on the weekend, while others can find relationships by way of work or mutual friends.

The thing with all of those options, though, is that they take not only time and dedication, but also patience, as we wait for the right one to come along. Couldn't we just put out an advert somewhere saying exactly who we are and asking for exactly what we want, like in that Rupert Holmes song, Escape? That's what Craigslist is for, and ahead of the solar eclipse later this month, one man is looking for something very, very specific.


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