A Definitive Guide To Surviving Jigsaw’s Most Notorious Traps

The Saw franchise’s enduring legacy is the seemingly impossible nature of the Jigsaw’s sick and demented traps. Designed to teach John Kramer’s victims the value of life, they all require a degree of intellect and sacrifice in order for the game to be won.

However, as is the case with all games, the traps can all be beaten, and even cheated. Now that the franchise has drawn to a close, fans have been speculating about how exactly this could be done, and some of their suggestions are extremely convincing, to say the least.

One thing’s for sure – it’s unlikely that many people would be able to keep their cool for long enough to successfully cheat at Jigsaw’s games.

1. Saw Through Your Leg

One of the franchize’s first deadly traps involved Lawrence cutting through his leg in order to free himself from the shackles which are preventing him from reaching Adam, who Jigsaw has challenged him to kill, before six, otherwise his wife and daughter will perish.

Having unsuccessfully tried to saw the shackles themselves, Lawrence believed that the only way he could escape the trap would be by sawing his own foot off. However, many fans have pointed out that he could have smashed his foot until it was broken enough to slide free from the trap. Fans also suggested that a less damaging way of using the hacksaw would be to cut through his calcaneus (heel bone) then let his foot slip out.

2. Silence Circle

In this trap, writer Bobby and his publicist Nina (two people who had profited from the notoriety of the Jigsaw), are put to the test with a complex game. Nina has been placed into a complex contraption with poles that slowly inch towards her neck and Bobby has to free her.

These poles are on a 60-second timer which moves faster when the noise level in the room increases. During this 60 seconds, Bobby has been challenged to retrieve a key attached to a fishhook in Nina’s stomach, something which causes her a lot of pain and creates noise.

The key to beating this trap lies in silence. After all, that’s the lesson which Jigsaw wants Nina to learn – it was her silence in the face of Bobby’s lies which he disproved of. While removing the fishhook from Nina’s stomach would undoubtedly cause her pain, fans have suggested that Bobby could have silenced her with his hand and simply threaded the line through his fingers to get the key which shuts off the contraption.

3. Pound of Flesh Trap 

Corrupt moneylenders, Simone and Eddie, are put to the test by Jigsaw with the pound of flesh trap. Only one of them can survive the trap, and, in order to live, they must give up a pound of flesh in 60 seconds, representing what they have wrongfully taken from people who they knew could not pay them back. Whoever’s scale weighs the most will live and the other person will have their skull pierced.

Fans of the franchise have pointed out that while the tools provided to Simone and Eddie are securely fastened in place, there are other ways that they could weigh down the scales without mutilating themselves entirely. One fan suggested that, if he found himself in this position, he would simply sh*t as much as he could onto the scale. Others have suggested weighing it down with clothes and/or urine and vomit.

There’s no doubt that, at the very least, the Saw movies make for uncomfortable viewing, and, for some, they are too horrendous to even watch. Check out the video below which details 10 of the franchises most gruesome deaths:

4. Hair Trap 

Anyone with long hair must have winced when the first saw the hair trap. Jigsaw created it to punish an immoral pimp and teach an officer a very important lesson about knowing when to leave people to their fate. In order to prevent having her scalp removed, Brenda, the pimp, must be saved by Daniel, the officer, by having him locate the code to stop the device from her chains.

Fans have said that while there were no scissors available, Daniel did have a shotgun, and he could have used this to effectively cut through Brenda’s hair and free her from the trap – either by shooting through her ponytail or, failing that, shooting a bundle of her hair.

5. Mausoleum Trap

In this trap, Jigsaw sets up Trevor and Art Blank, a former lawyer and John Kramer’s partner. The two have to communicate successfully in order to stop the trap from strangling them, however, Trevor’s eyes are sewn shut and Art’s mouth is sewn shut, making it impossible. Or is it?

Saw fans believe that they could have cheated this trap because his mouth was not entirely out of action. During the movie, the threads appear to lose enough to enable some form of communication, and, as we all know, Art screams at the end when he kills Trevor, bursting open the stitches. Had he done this initially, the two men might have survived. Fans have also said that he could have simply cut the stitches himself with the tools around the mausoleum.

6. The Freezer Room

Consumed by grief over the untimely death of his son, Jeff must work to free the only witness to his death, Danica Scott, before she is frozen to death. She is hanging from the ceiling by shackles and is being sprayed periodically with water in a freezer. To free her before she freezes to death, and potentially bring his son’s killer to justice, Jeff has to find the key Jigsaw has hitten behind the freezer’s pipes.

This trap is difficult to beat because the pipes are so cold and that’s what results in Jeff’s ultimate failure. However, perhaps if he had been as level-headed as some Saw fans, he could have covered his face with his jacket, enabling him to easily reach the key.

7. Pit of Syringes

This trap gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “finding a needle in a haystack”. In this game, Jigsaw puts drug dealer Xavier to the test by hiding the key to the anecdote to a deadly nerve agent that the prisoners are breathing in. The key is hidden in a pit of used syringes.

Desperate to win the game, Xavier throws a fellow prisoner Amanda into the pit, however, by the time she finds the key, it is too late and the door to the anecdote was permanently shut. Saw fans have suggested that this process would have been a lot easier if Amanda had been wrapped in the other prisoner’s clothing which would have protected her from the needles. They also pointed out that the key itself was tied to a glowstick. While it’s not known if it was an active glowstick or not, they might have been able to spot if easier by disabling the lights in the room.

8. Razor Wire Maze

After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Jigsaw decides to put Paul to the test to see if what he really wanted when he ran a razor across his wrist. He places him into a maze filled with razors which he must complete before a door is locked, rending the maze his tomb.

To cheat at this trap, Saw fans have suggested that instead of crawling through the maze, Paul should have taken off his underwear and used it to push the razors out of the way, obtaining minimal cuts instead of fatally wounding himself trying to win the game.

9. The Boiler Room Maze

William, manager of the Umbrella Health insurance company, and his lawyer, Debbie, have blood on their hands because they denied patients treatment for spurious reasons. Now Jigsaw wants to show them the lengths that people will go to survive by placing Debbie into a maze and having the survival of one party depend on her completing it successfully – that’s why William must give her instructions.

While Debbie does manage to complete the maze, at the end of it, she discovers that the key to the contraption that’s about to kill her is buried within William’s stomach. There is a chainsaw closeby, and she immediately attempts to kill him to obtain it, not realizing that she doesn’t have enough time to overpower him, but Saw fans have pointed out that she could have simply used the chainsaw to saw the device itself off her, rendering the key irrelevant.

It’s human nature to obey rules, but if the victims of Jigsaw’s traps were willing to think outside their very terrifying boxes, there’s a chance that they could have lived. After all, what use is there in learning a lesson if you’re not alive to enact the change it inspires in your life?

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