A 29-Year-Old Virgin Is Expecting Her First Baby In June

We typically tend to see pregnancy as resulting from sex. I mean, that's the very first thing we learn in sex ed, right? Sex sometimes leads to babies.

Generally, we assume that when a woman is pregnant, she and her partner will have made a joint decision to become parents.

Of course, we are well aware that not all pregnancies are born (no pun intended) out of committed relationships. Indeed, there are many pregnancies which are either unplanned or unwanted, but they still come about as a result of sexual intercourse.

Then there are the pregnancies which come about as a result of fertility treatments such as IVF.

But even though babies in these circumstances will not have come about as a result of sexual intercourse, the female undergoing such treatment will likely have attempted and failed, to fall pregnant by having sex with a partner.

As it turns out, this isn't always the case - some women opt for fertility treatments without ever having had sex.

As unusual as it sounds in a biological sense, it is totally possible to have a bun in the oven without having done the deed.


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