5th Grade Basketball Team Forfeits Seasons After League Rules That Girls Aren’t Allowed To Play

Gender equality in sport isn't quite at the front of the equality fight. Soccer, American football and rugby are all seen as predominantly male sports. What's more, the successes seen in the female equivalents of rugby and soccer are rarely given the accolades and celebration that successful male teams are given.

This sexism within sports may be about change, however. A group of school kids, who have a mixed gender team, decided to forfeit their place within the league. But why were they being asked to forfeit their games? Because the game organiser said that the girls couldn't be part of the team.

The fifth grade students, from St John the Apostle school in Clark, NJ, had been in a mixed gender team for four years. The squad is made up of nine boys and two girls. Their record was wiped for participating in games "illegally" by allowing female players into the team. This sounds like an archaic rule if ever I've heard one. Understandably, the team wouldn't stand for such a sexist rule.


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