5-Year-Old Girl Paints Stunning Pictures That Belong in a Museum

In the creative arts, one of the rarest kinds of artist is the child prodigy: a youngster who possess skills and talents that make them every bit as noteworthy as an adult working in the same field. Some of them are young enough to still be in grade school, and yet display an effortless ability when put to task.

Consider for example, the case of the classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was composing his own music from the age of three, and whose father took him on tours around Europe to showcase his incredible musical abilities.

But the phenomenon isn’t a purely historical curio. In fact, the number of super-smart kids is increasing year by year according to the Flynn effect. There are debates concerning whether or not genius springs from nature or nurture, as there are some child prodigies who burn out by the time they reach adulthood, while others complete higher education in their early adolescence.

Today we have the pleasure of introducing one such prodigy to the world: a super-cute little girl who has wowed the internet with her incredible artistic talents: crafting incredible, psychedelic paintings that have left us all suitably impressed. In fact, we’ve even got some footage showing this talented tot at work creating some of her masterpieces.

This sweet little girl is Cassie Gee, who lives in Dee Why, Sydney. Cassie has made around $1000 selling her incredible paintings, and now customers are commissioning orders from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Her mother Linda Gee first discovered her daughter’s artistic talents two years ago, when she gave Cassie a canvas and a few tubes of paint in order to keep the then-three-year-old amused. But when Cassie started playing with these materials, she ended up creating these rich abstract impressionist paintings.

She’s now been featured on national television, and has sold more than 20 of her own paintings. The girl also donated $250 charity to install a rain water tank for school children in Cambodia. How adorable!

Cassie’s mother Linda stated, “I have a lot of supplies, as I paint for a hobby. I gave her the canvas and the paints, and said, ‘Go do something.’ She came back with it and I said, ‘Oh my god, that’s better than mine.’ It’s taken off more than we could imagine. She’s been asked for commissions. She’s got an eye for colour that took me years to develop.”

As her official website states:

Cassie is 5 years old. She loves going to the beach, elephants, fairies and painting. A professional artist at the age of 3, she enjoys helping people decorate their houses and offices with her creations. Her paintings have travelled all over Australia and internationally. Her style is free and uninhibited. She chooses a combination of acrylic paint, resin and glitter to create faraway landscapes and galaxies using only a fork or skewer and her hands.”

If you want to keep up to date with Cassie, you can follow her on her personal website, or her Instagram page. I’m sure she’ll have some more brilliant work to showcase in the future.

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