People Have Been Left Speechless At The Real Ages Of These Gorgeous Taiwanese Sisters

Everyone has that one friend who just never seems to age. They always complain when they get asked for ID or roll their eyes when someone suggests they have a baby face. Sure, it might suck getting questioned when trying to buy liquor, but it’s better than the alternative!

I’d rather look young for my age than too old. Looks fade, so I’d personally like to keep them looking as youthful as possible for as long as possible. So if anyone reading this has found the fountain of youth, send the directions my way!

Though if you’re starting to feel a little envious of that eternally youthful friend, then this entire family is going to have you seething with envy. It looks like this mom and her three gorgeous daughters have found some kind of antiageing serum or the elusive fountain of youth.

It’s either that or they all have fantastic genes!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the sisters pictured are triplets in their early twenties. There is not a wrinkle to be seen, they radiate beauty and they’re outstandingly fashionable.

But the truth is, they’re far from young students. The eldest sister is Lure Hsu, who is a jaw-dropping 41 years old, and her two equally teenage-looking sisters are 40-year-old Fayfay and 36-year-old Sharon.

But if you find that’s impressive, wait until you see their 61-year-old mom!

Check out the video below for tips on how to look younger, especially as this article is about to make you feel a whole lot older than you are!

Yes, that is that girls’ 63-year-old mother in the middle. I know, my mind is blown, too. She could pass for 22 without anyone blinking an eye! It must make it awkward if guys a third of her age ever hit on her!

The four women could pretend they’re sisters. In fact, FayFay, who is 41, actually has two children of her own, aged eight and 10. She claims the trio get mistaken for sisters all the time. Their 63-year-old mother is pictured again on the right.

This genetically perfect family lives in Taiwan, and eldest daughter, Lure Hsu, runs an Instagram account which has over 623,000 followers! Her account went viral after sharing a picture of herself with her sisters, Fayfay and Sharon.

Taiwanese media has named the sisters, along with their mother, the “family of frozen ages”. Fayfay admitted that her mother always looked younger than her years, so it’s no surprise that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

But Lure insists their youthful appearance isn’t all due to genetics and claims that diet plays a large part as well. In an interview, she told Friday Magazine, “Once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles.”

“I have been doing that for more than a decade. I drink 350ml to 500ml [of lukewarm water every morning],” Fayfay added.

I don’t know about you, but I could drink all the water in the world and still not look as good as her! Fayfay also admitted that her lifestyle plays a part in her healthy appearance.

She continued by saying, “Because I have two daughters, I stick to a routine. I go to bed and get up early every day, and I eat my three meals on time every day. I never skip breakfast because eating your food on time could help you stay slim.”

Staying slim is one thing, but looking young is quite another. If it were that easy, surely everyone would look as great as these sisters do.

And guys, don’t feel excluded. Apparently, their father is just as youthful but is too camera-shy to share his picture.

Well, it seems to me that one family in Taiwan had found the fountain of youth but is keeping it a secret!

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